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Gloucester Cruise (Easter, 2017) - Stacy Blvd. Shot
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Baby Bunny we called Cottonball, Norwood MA (backyard - Jun 18, 2017)
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Gloucester Boating (weird sky), Spring 2017
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Gloucester Cruise (Easter, 2017)
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Red Barn in Snow, Bolton MA (Feb. 2017)
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Long Beach/Beach Haven, NJ (December 2016)
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Surf City, NJ (December 2016)
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Supermoon November 2016
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Fall Cleanup (October, 2016)
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Somerville Bike Path (10.18.16)
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Natick Falls, Natick MA (10.16.16)
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Sunset at Ten Pound Light, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Rooftop Pool, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Prospect Hill Tower, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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View of Boston from Prospect Hill, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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Bigelow Chapel, Mount Auburn Cemetary (Sept. 2016)
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Winslow and Tiki (Sept. 2016)
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Pemaquid Point Shot, Maine August 2016
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Zen along Ocean Point, Maine (August 2016)
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Mystic Seaport Dusk, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Rocks and Roses along Penobscot Penisula (8/9/16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #3, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #2, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #1, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Rock Harbor, Orleans Cape Cod Sunset July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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Chatham Light Beach, Chatham MA July 2016
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Chatham Light, Chatham MA July 2016
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Highland Light, Truro MA July 2016
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Cape Cod Windmill, Easton MA July 2016
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Greyson the Alpaca, Hubburdston MA July 2016
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Mystic Seaport Sunset, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sea Lion, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Boston Light (7/1/16)
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Point Judith Light Area, Narragansett, RI (6.12.16)
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Lighthouse Mailbox, Somewhere in RI (6.12.16)
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Pemaquid Point Maine 2011 (re-issue 6.6.16) - I'm jonesing to get back there. I have a thing for lighthouses and puffins. Maybe this summer!
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Approaching Infinity, Scituate, MA (6.4.16)
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Visiting Cohasset (6.4.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Monday, February 19, 2018

10:19 AM EST [Link] Old People Couple Names [comments: 0]
We think every couple should have aliases of what we call old people names. For example, we are Henry and Agnes. If you're a couple, what would your old people names be?

opeeps (200k image)

09:08 AM EST [Link] Spring, Winter, Summer in 24 hrs [comments: 0]
drewu (174k image)
Drew University, Madison, NJ

I think they got more snow in Jersey this weekend than up here but it'll be gone real soon either way. Back from a quick weekend jaunt down to the garden state over the weekend. That snow was coming down crazy on Saturday night but by Sunday most of it was gone.

Friday, February 16, 2018

02:56 PM EST [Link] What Do You See? [comments: 0]
roschacha (95k image)

Throwback to the Rorschach Exhibit at Harvard University. I wish they would bring this exhibit back. And yes, they did show all the real cards.

Got to love this upcoming New England weather! Snow on Sat/Sun, mid 60s Tues/Wed!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

12:26 PM EST [Link] VDay [comments: 0]
Happy Valentine's Day! I used to hate V Day, especially in my grammer school days because I would never get any valentines.


pacval (51k image)

But I don't have to worry abut that these days, so I like it now. It was a long time in coming, but so worth it, so if you are now like I was then, keep your chin up - the best is yet to come!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

09:00 AM EST [Link] Light the Night [comments: 0]
LTN (137k image)

One of my favorite shots.

I missed out on National Pizza Day yesterday. Might need to rectify that today sometime.

Friday, February 9, 2018

01:13 PM EST [Link] Details, details... [comments: 0]
cutlerd (123k image)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

10:02 AM EST [Link] Assessing Bike Repair [comments: 0]
Going over the repairs/parts/labor rates that I think my bike is going to need, I'm probably looking at a few hundred dollars of work. Yikes! Still, it's been a good bike and I've had it since the early 90s and overall it's still in pretty darn good shape (It was a worth a few hundred when I first got it). Guess I'll need to save some pennies come spring. It definitely helps on saving gas, saving time in traffic, and getting some exercise/nature. I might even be able to expense some of the cost of the repairs through my workplace, I'll need to look into that a bit more. Looking through my records, I was able to ride 3 times last February 22, 23, and 28th. Wonder if I'll be able to do that again?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

01:10 PM EST [Link] Big Birthday Theme [comments: 0]
I've got a big birthday coming up in a few months and I need to come up with some sort of theme for the event that describes me but I'm drawing a blank and need help! It would be cool if it was something that could encompass my whole life thus far.

So help me come up with a theme for me! Leave it in the comments.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

07:52 AM EST [Link] Compulsion? [comments: 0]
I noticed the other day that I seem to have a compulsion to check the mailbox and see if there's any mail in there, even if I know there's not going to be any mail for myself. I didn't really recognize it before but looking back, I think I've had it since I was little, hoping to get a letter addressed to me or somesuch. Of course, nowadays, I do get mail but it's either bills or junk, so I'm not sure why I feel I need to keep checking. Once I get the mail for the day, I don't keep checking the mailbox though - it's only if no mail has arrived yet.

Monday, February 5, 2018

10:07 AM EST [Link] Sensing the Aftermath [comments: 0]
I had a weird feeling last night that the Pats were going to lose. Up until gametime I wasn't sure who would win and actually thought the Pats probably would, but just before the game started a feeling came over me where I sensed they were going to lose and I mentioned this to LD. Lo and behold it actually happened. This has happened to me a few times where a feeling will come over me and I can sense a particular outcome. It doesn't happen often, but I was wondering if I could somehow exploit this ability to my advantage. I guess it doesn't work that way though. I can't seem to "will" a particular outcome unfortunately.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

03:40 PM EST [Link] SuperBowlSunday [comments: 0]
zoe2418 (132k image)
Just give us something to sink our claws into.

Started off the day briefly hitting the sanctuary before the rain came. Spent most of today prepping and cooking meals like sweet potato turkey chili and lunches for the week. Caught the end of the Celtics latest win, a little bit of Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl, and a taped Dateline about some girls who murdered for the Slenderman. Now just waiting for the big event. If the Pats do win I think I'm going to attend the parade in Boston to celebrate.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

03:50 PM EST [Link] Summer Dreaming [comments: 0]
summmow (110k image)

Dreaming of summer. Won't be too much longer...

Friday, February 2, 2018

05:23 PM EST [Link] Freaky Friday [comments: 0]
bleak (109k image)

Finally got LD's remote starter fixed this morning after visiting the shop that actually installed the device originally. This all stems back to the fiasco from December when the valet lost the key and had to have a new one made but apparently the started never got recoded to match. Now, hopefully, after weeks of back and forth, it should be all good. The place was in Plainville, a town I'd never visited and is probably best known now as currently having the first and only casino in Massachusetts (at least, until Wynn or whatever it ends up being opens up in Everett). Anyways, we found this really funky place not too far away called the Purple Rooster that serves up pretty amazing breakfast and brunch for all but especially people with specific dietary needs like Gluten free, and folks with food allergies, etc. Definitely worth a visit. Plus it looks so funky and cute!

The pic above is an oldie I took from Kittery, Maine.

lvl49 (22k image)

I cannot for the life of me seem to figure out how to solve level 49 of Inverse and it's driving me mad! What the hell is the correct move!!?!?

Sunday, January 28, 2018

04:13 PM EST [Link] Lay Low Sunday [comments: 0]
lbiduks (153k image)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Here's another sunset shot from a little while ago.

Couldn't help noticing this weekend in CVS under the Valentine's Card section that they are selling 45s as part of a card now, and it appears to be new vinyl pressings! Might be good for the juke, although the only artists that I saw as of yet were Aretha Franklin, INXS, and Bruno Mars.

09:22 AM EST [Link] Seals Photography and Paint Nite [comments: 0]

seals_thumbnail (61k image)

Click above to see my latest photography print featuring seals off the coast of Chatham, MA. Naturally this web version has been downsized significantly and watermarked from the original, which if I can figure out how, may be selling. I'd want to have each copy printed huge and framed first, which adds to the cost, but I feel makes the shot really pop and look spectacular. I mean, LD has printed some of my stuff in a large book and they look so much better that way. It's a panoramic type shot (which was taken from a jiggling boat at the time!) so I feel it's got to be at least 48" wide. Also, maybe I can enter it into a local art show or something, just to see what other people might think. Just ideas at this point.

Paint Nite last nite ended up actually being a lot of fun. At first you feel a little critical of yourself because maybe things aren't coming out just right or you feel you messed up in spots but by the end of it all, they all look really good! Maybe you'll see shots from the event on Paint Nite Boston's Facebook page as they say that's where they post photos they take at these events. And of course, we all have our own personal ones. Definitely get the Groupon for it though because it's pricey without it, that's what we did, and then the cost feels more in line with what it should be.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

08:39 AM EST [Link] Date Paint Nite [comments: 0]
shkcm18 (194k image)

"Like as the waves make towards the pebbl'd shore, so do our minutes, hasten to their end."

Going to our first ever Paint Nite event with another couple after months of getting the date/work/location right. Should be interesting!

Friday, January 26, 2018

03:23 PM EST [Link] Blue Skies Ahead! [comments: 0]
bluskies (72k image)

Not sure what happened last night as I slept for , like, 14 hours straight!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

08:16 AM EST [Link] Mrs. Turtle [comments: 0]
MrsTurtle (140k image)

One of the farm cats at the Sanctuary. We believe she was in some sort of accident when she was young as she's missing a leg and is blind in one eye. But what a spirit!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

09:00 PM EST [Link] Roast Beef and Beach Air [comments: 0]
revere12118 (205k image)
Revere Beach, 01/21/18

Yay! Ended up taking an afternoon trip over to Revere Beach and having some Roast Beef by the seashore. Also took some pics of planes flying overhead, and discovering the Point of Pines part of town. All in all, a pretty good day. In the early evening I watched this special about Gary Gilmore, the convict from the late seventies that wanted the death penalty but for a while was denied. I remember watching the tv movie The Executioner's Song with my grandmother in the early eighties starring Tommy Lee Jones and remembering that is was really good. I hadn't thought of that memory probably in 30 so years. Anyways, it was an interesting story.

09:16 AM EST [Link] Sunday Morning [comments: 0]
cm2018shot (97k image)

What does today hold in store? I definitely think I want to head down to the ocean, time and schedule permitting. We'll see. Need to hit the grocery store though. I fell asleep at 7:30 last night and I'm mad at myself for doing so as there were some things I wanted to get done. I didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning so I guess yesterday's activities took more out of me than I realized! Also, government's shut down, if it goes on for too long it will probably start to affect me and my project work. We'll see.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

04:55 PM EST [Link] Heat Wave and Goats [comments: 0]
heatwave_or (101k image)
apache012018 (168k image)

I think we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the sanctuary yesterday. I know that I did! There's something just really therapeutic interacting with these animals and communicating with nature. It's very refreshing.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

09:43 PM EST [Link] Set Sail [comments: 0]
glousail,jpg (102k image)


08:15 AM EST [Link] This Week's Puzzle Games [comments: 0]
These have been keeping my busy in moments of off time lately, as I am a fan of these types of brain games:

Minimalyrinth - almost have this one completed - the last few levels seem really difficult; and

Inverse - currently stuck on Level 31 - maddening!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

01:35 PM EST [Link] Summer Dreaming [comments: 0]
CH2017drm (215k image)

Flipping thru some old pics dreaming of summer. Won't be long I keep telling myself...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

10:15 AM EST [Link] The Mondayest Tuesday Ever [comments: 0]

Ugh...so hard
to get back
the swing today
for some
Just want to go back to bed.

After rewatching the movie Casino on TV yesterday, makes me want to pick up the book that the true story is based on.

Monday, January 15, 2018

08:57 AM EST [Link] Splash [comments: 0]
splash (118k image)

Sunday, January 14, 2018

04:20 PM EST [Link] Sunday Feels... [comments: 0]
turkeyzoomweb (115k image)

Today revisited the sanctuary, got a bunch of animal pics including this turkey one shown above. Also finally took down the xmas tree today. Now off to get a massage. Fun fact, I used to be scared to get massages but LD helped me along, and now I love them. Truth be told I prefer woman massagers however.

10:44 AM EST [Link] Back to the Cold [comments: 0]
janglou (131k image)

Didn't do much yesterday - just chilling, did go to Trader Joes from some groceries that we used later in the day to make some Lemon Honey Chicken in the Instant Pot which came out pretty good and was surprisingly super easy. While that was going on, I was browsing the On Demand and came upon the A Tale of Two Coreys movie so we watched that.

The amazing thing is mostly all the snow that dumped on us last week is now completely gone!

Friday, January 12, 2018

09:14 AM EST [Link] Winter Spring [comments: 0]
Watched the Tonya Harding Special on TV last night. What a fascinating storyline. Think I still want to see the I, Tonya movie but will probably see that new Liam Neeson flick The Commuter instead sometime this weekend.

Probably take the xmas tree down this weekend as well.

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather by clearing out storm drains. Not going to get caught unawares this time around. Too bad it's going to pour all day, but it would be good to get a lot of this snow out of the way. It's got me missing capturing scenes like below:

winterspring (148k image)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

08:53 AM EST [Link] High School Hallowed Halls [comments: 0]
In March, the city is going to be demolishing the old high school and put up a new one (costing $256 million - the most expensive ever built thus far), but just before that the school is planning on having some tours of the old place before it's history. So, some folks from our graduating class thought it'd be fun to have a "reunion" at the school in March. I haven't been in those halls since I graduated so I think it'll be a blast to check it out again and maybe relive some memories. I wonder if I can find the location of my old locker? Plus it might be cool to see some folks I haven't seen in forever. I penciled the date on my calendar!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

10:53 AM EST [Link] Books I Read in 2017 [comments: 0]
In case you're interested in reading anything that interested me last year!

Born with teeth : a memoir - Kate Mulgrew - took this on because of Capt. Janeway in Voyager, one of her more famous parts, but tells a really interesting life story.

The inkblots : Hermann Rorschach, his iconic test, and the power of seeing - Damion Searls - Part Biography of the man who created the blots and part the history and usage of the blots. I found the biography of the man the more fascinating part personally. Definitely worth a read for that part!

Fluff: The Sticky Sweet Story of America in a Jar - Mimi Graney - A history of the white sticky stuff.

Sweet Child of Mine: How I Lost My Son to Guns N' Roses - Deanna Adler - a biography of what it's like to deal with a son who's a drug addict and in one of the most popular rock groups of all time.

Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age - Sherry Turkle - more and more about how technology today makes us connect less and less and how to work on correcting it.

Holy spokes! : a biking bible for everyone - Rob Coppolillo - feelings while biking in the city.

Born for love : why empathy is essential-- and endangered - Maia Szalavitz - self-explanatory.

Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ - Giulia Enders - Informative read on how our guts work.

Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate - Zoe Quinn - dealing with online harassment.

The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve - Stephen Greenblatt Ph.D. - A perspective on the couple throughout history and art.

Surviving Jersey: Danger & Insanity In The Garden State - Scott Loring Sanders - a series of essays about the author's growing up in Jerz.

Listening In: Cybersecurity in an Insecure Age - Susan Landau - An overview of what's been happening in the news lately.

Tamed and Untamed: Close Encounters of the Animal Kind - Sy Montgomery - a book about animals and how they can and do speak to us.

No One Cares About Crazy People: The Chaos and Heartbreak of Mental Health in America - Ron Powers - Part heartbreaking memoir about a man dealing with two sons with mental illness and part history of caring for the mentally ill.

I recommend any of these books, depending on your tastes. Wonder what books I'll choose to read this year? I welcome any suggestions though my tastes tend to run to non-fiction, as can seen from above. Do you, dear readers, have any favorites to share?

Monday, January 8, 2018

01:54 PM EST [Link] Today's Observation [comments: 0]

27 degrees

Saturday, January 6, 2018

05:20 PM EST [Link] Cold Day Activities [comments: 0]
colldday (93k image)
Lake Massapoag, Sharon MA

Today I basically am basically getting caught up on reading my books, and helping LD cook a chicken pot pie, a bone broth in the instant pot, and banana bread muffins. They all came out great! I went to bed early last night from all the shovelling I had to do the night before. I'm sore but in a strange way, it feels like a good soreness, if that makes any sense.

Friday, January 5, 2018

04:03 PM EST [Link] My New Addiction [comments: 0]
It's a Prosecco kind of day/night/weekend.


Also, LD surprised me with a photobook she created of some of the pictures of places and other events we've shared over the last year and a half and it looks amazing! I love it!!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

11:20 AM EST [Link] Bombogenesis and Rant [comments: 0]
Is everybody liking getting back to the daily grind? Ugh, I was just getting used to being away. I find it takes almost two weeks before you feel really starting to relax and get used to the time off and then -POOF-
have to go back! And to top it off - tomorrow is Bombogenesis - i.e. a storm that undergoes rapid strengthening. Needless to say I'm working from home tomorrow and having to deal with this crap. I hate winter. I mean, really, what's so great about it? Heating costs, threat of injuries and falls (not to mention making my muscles act up), everything takes longer, have to bundle up, scraping freakin' ice off everything, it gets dark early, freaking cold as a witch's teat, dealing with snow. I guess snow days would be a plus, but we don't get those anymore - you have to charge PTO - personal time off, ummm, I'm not on freakin' vacation People! (don't get me started there). Also I don't ski and never had or will have a care to. So there's that. I love Boston, it's always been my home and I think it's a great place to be. Winter can be pretty, and hot chocolate is good, right!

Maybe I'm destined to be a snowbird blue hair someday after all, but probably not. When you get right down to it, maybe I just like to hear myself talk.

Monday, January 1, 2018

05:34 PM EST [Link] Happy New Year! [comments: 0]
HNY2018 (114k image)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

03:05 PM EST [Link] 2017 Year End Review Highlights [comments: 0]
kitteryboat13 (93k image)
Sail On...Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Year End 2017 review (no particular order):

Fenway Park BoSox game - hadn't been to a Sox game in years - needless to say they lost on this particular day. Seems like most folks there just go the drink and be social than actually watch the games.

Cape Arundel Inn Maine getaway - besides the amazing location and getaway we also got to do some watercolor painting which are now hanging up in the living room - this was one of the high points of that trip for me, who knew?

Winslow Sanctuary Visits - went a bunch of times, got to visit the a baby goat there and sponsered another goat named Rango. We go so many times because the place is really special plus the yearly membership.

Tribute rock shows - saw cheesy Journey, Foreigner, and Bon Jovi lookalikes. LD did get a pick given to her by the lead singer however - made a fan for life.

Goat Yoga in NH - this was amazing - highly recommended, especially at this place in NH which I believe was the first place to to actually do this. Saw it on tv and had to reserve months in advance because they have so many requests.

Scituate visits - just for the salt air and scenery.
Wollapolooza sheep shearing.
Photo shoots at Brookhollow - yearly shots with baby animals.

Bought new cars - sad to see the old ones go - been to many places and things together, but it was time. The new one doesn't really make me miss the old one anymore - heh.

Angel-143 (156k image)

Angel passed away / butterflies abound to remind - the low point of the year by far. Just before she passed I saw butterflies outside flying all around her as she sat in the sun room. Now whenever I see a butterfly it reminds me of her, although I will never forget that little cat who defied all the odds and gave us so much love.

Cottonball was born - a rabbit that was born in the backyard and saw many times and could be identified by his markings - sadly have not seen him in quite a while now.

2017ye (58k image)

Bolten MA visit / Animal Adventures
Rhode Island visits/ Mystic Ct getaways

Roxy's a4cade - has to check this place out - still need to check the arcade part as that doesn't open until the evenings and we were there in the early afternoon. What I really want in one of their personalized tokens for my collection.

Air Supply in concert Lynn Aud - these guys were actually really good. I though they'd be a little on the drab side but their backup band really rocked and turned the tunes up a few notches. Also the night where we got to know a Colombian couple who were so sweet.

Double dates with M&M - nice to have another couple similar to us and interested in the same things and are at the same point in life. Looking forward to more and maybe even a trip or two to faraway places in the future.

Cape getaway from LD Appreciation Day 2017 - Cape Cod sunsets can be really special, btw.
Waterfire -Been to this a few times in the past but wanted to see it again. Pretty amazing experience on a nice night.

Pumpkin picking with the kids in rural Jersey.

Newburyport stay at the Garrison - an overnight at a historic inn in Newburyport. Found out later the place might be haunted but I didn't notice anything supernatural.

Cosmic Meditation @ Hubweek, Boston - pretty cool to meditate in a dome showing cosmic imagery over our heads, enveloping us.

2017ye2 (65k image)

Maine visits - Winter, Summer, anytime really, it's all good.
Spring Lake/Asbury Park/Long Branch/Pt. Pleasant - some NJ Shore sights.

Easter cruise in Gloucester. - Great way to experience the city from the oldest fishing town in America. Gloucester is one of our favorite places.

Instant Pot recipes - LD has become a master with this thing.
Photos shared on igesmass and fox25 - nice to get some recognition!
Open concept office move - jury's still out on this, yeah, it kinda sucks but you can get used to it. Mostly only a drag when you have to make calls.
Circle of Hope 2017 - yearly rite where we honor our dearly departed loved ones.
Watched crew for travel channel film at a place down the Cape - wonder if I'll ever be able to catch it on tv sometime?

Shakespeare in the Park - Romeo & Juliet - this was actually a pretty amazing performance, right on th Boston Common and free for all.

Over the summer this little chipmunk kept eating the strawberries. I related my experience in the following update, reprinted here:

"We saw a very strange and annoying yet somewhat cute sight this morning while looking out the back yard picture window. We have a strawberry plant that is producing quite nicely but it's hung up on a planter hanging by a hook type setup. Lo and behold, a chipmunk had somehow gone up the stairs and took a flying leap into the container and was gorging himself on the ripened strawberries thus far - a veritable fruit buffet of such delights that I don't think a creature could ever be so happy as that chipmunk. We purposely did this and placed the setup as so as to make it difficult for this to happen. We tried to get a picture of the crime but the little bugger would hide underneath the canopy of strawberry leaves. And then, without missing a step, it fell right out of the pot (looked upside down to me) and into the waiting arms of the buffeting hosta leaves, and then was gone, no doubt to relish in the spoils of its labor. It was kinda cute though seeing the head pop out from under the leaves, and did I see a smile on its lips?"

Fast times at Ridgemont High in theatre w/M&M - hadn't seen this film in years and never in a theatre. Really brought back the 80s high school years we lived through.

Photos displayed in office downtown - more recognition!
More Datelines/2020s/True Crime shows watching! More Reelz Celeb Autopsies!
Visited Columbia's Tall Ship the "Gloria"
Grilled shish-kabobs - I am becoming a grill-master little by little.

Fed a giraffe from our hands - another pretty cool experience.

Tooled around a Rhode Island lake in a Swan Boat - that you pedal yourself. It was pretty cool. I had noticed them years before but never thought years later I'd be actually riding in one!

2017ye3 (68k image)

Harim Marina on July 4 to celebrate the Fourth.
Hanson visit with friend's personal goats.
Massages at home! - truly the best way to have them! (if a bit pricier).
New Years Eve night celeb with M&M House Party.

This is just some of what I can remember from memories and photos taken throughout the year, although I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of stuff. I'm lucky to do so much and feel very blessed. I consider myself lucky in many many ways and I don't take that for granted. Life is about living, so get as much in while you can because it is fleeting.

Hoping for a great 2018 for one and all, filled with more wonderful sights, experiences, and good times with friends and family.

08:16 AM EST [Link] Cocktails [comments: 0]
Had a blast at dinner last night - might have even got a bit tipsy. Those cocktails were pretty strong! Did make the laughter flow though! It is cool to get together with friends you value and vice versa, it was a really nice time.


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