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Gloucester Cruise (Easter, 2017) - Stacy Blvd. Shot
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Baby Bunny we called Cottonball, Norwood MA (backyard - Jun 18, 2017)
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Gloucester Boating (weird sky), Spring 2017
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Gloucester Cruise (Easter, 2017)
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Red Barn in Snow, Bolton MA (Feb. 2017)
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Long Beach/Beach Haven, NJ (December 2016)
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Surf City, NJ (December 2016)
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Supermoon November 2016
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Fall Cleanup (October, 2016)
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Somerville Bike Path (10.18.16)
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Natick Falls, Natick MA (10.16.16)
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Sunset at Ten Pound Light, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Rooftop Pool, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Prospect Hill Tower, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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View of Boston from Prospect Hill, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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Bigelow Chapel, Mount Auburn Cemetary (Sept. 2016)
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Winslow and Tiki (Sept. 2016)
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Pemaquid Point Shot, Maine August 2016
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Zen along Ocean Point, Maine (August 2016)
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Mystic Seaport Dusk, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Rocks and Roses along Penobscot Penisula (8/9/16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #3, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #2, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #1, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Rock Harbor, Orleans Cape Cod Sunset July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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Chatham Light Beach, Chatham MA July 2016
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Chatham Light, Chatham MA July 2016
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Highland Light, Truro MA July 2016
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Cape Cod Windmill, Easton MA July 2016
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Greyson the Alpaca, Hubburdston MA July 2016
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Mystic Seaport Sunset, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sea Lion, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Boston Light (7/1/16)
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Point Judith Light Area, Narragansett, RI (6.12.16)
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Lighthouse Mailbox, Somewhere in RI (6.12.16)
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Pemaquid Point Maine 2011 (re-issue 6.6.16) - I'm jonesing to get back there. I have a thing for lighthouses and puffins. Maybe this summer!
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Approaching Infinity, Scituate, MA (6.4.16)
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Visiting Cohasset (6.4.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

10:00 AM EST [Link] My Strengths [comments: 0]
Harmony (160k image)
July, 2018

So I while back I took a test of some sort to determine my strengths, or personality traits. My top five were Harmony, Consistency, Context, Empathy, and Achiever. Quite an interesting look into myself and I think it's pretty accurate. So, in order from the most strong on down:

Harmony meaning I look for consensus. I don't enjoy conflict; rather, I seek areas of agreement.
Consistency means I am keenly aware of the need to treat people the same.
Context meaning I enjoy thinking about the past. I understand the present by researching its history. This is SO me!
Empathy meaning I can sense the feelings of other people by imagining myself in others' lives or others' situations. And finally,
Achiever meaning I have a great deal of stamina and work hard, and that I take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.

Overall, not too shabby, anyone that knows me really well would probably agree with this assessment. Guess any negative faults I may have are further along down the list of possibilities (again, these are only the top 5 from a total of 35), but let's focus on the positive!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

08:02 AM EST [Link] Distance [comments: 0]
distancecm (137k image)

Back to the grind, find it hard to wake up in the mornings this week, can't seem to get the motor running. Hitting various little libraries through all the different towns we visit - some times we actually find pretty decent stuff - but is dependent on whatever happens to be in there when you look. Some of the more ornate ones are actually pretty cool little works of carpentry art. Anyways, might try alpaca yoga, yes, you read that correctly!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

08:35 PM EST [Link] Shipwreck [comments: 0]
shwreck080818 (172k image)

The Sunday Scaries are the anxiety that sets in on Sunday nights with the impending return to the office, school, or work. Whether you call them The Sunday Scaries, The Sunday Blues, The Fear, The Shakes, The Dread they're there.


12:03 PM EST [Link] View Atop Cape May Light [comments: 0]
cmlighttop (162k image)

Saturday, August 11, 2018

02:40 PM EST [Link] Achievement Unlocked! [comments: 0]
cmsunset8818 (175k image)
North Cape May, NJ 08/08/18.

First Sunset of a New Age! I've levelled up, in videogame parlance. Some things done over the last few days: staying at a remarkable historic Inn with a nice pool and huge jacuzzi tubs in the room, checking out some little libraries in the area, all clustered together and yes did get some new books and left some, climbed Cape May Lighthouse - all 199 steps in over 95 degree heat but had to see some amazing views of the white sands and clear blue ocean, dinner inside a former church serving up some amazing Italian dishes, sunsets from various locations (we are big on sunsets), another quick celebration in Montville, and too many others for me to recall right this second.

Needless to say, it was all worth the wait, to get to this part of my life.

Friday, August 10, 2018

07:28 PM EST [Link] North Cape May at 50 [comments: 0]
ncapemay18s (230k image)

Couldn't be a more perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Thank you Ladydoc! Got lots of pictures and stories to process, in due time, but for right now, here's a pic in North Cape May where we frequented and watched a sunset together.

Monday, August 6, 2018

08:24 PM EST [Link] Salad and Ships [comments: 0]
ships806 (90k image)

salad806 (98k image)
Today's culinary choice, Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella salad from the garden!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

05:38 PM EST [Link] More Birthday Parties [comments: 0]
Today I got to go to someone else's birthday party - but this one was a friend of ours who just hit the ripe age of 80 (and I thought I had it bad). Nice thing about this one was it was at a function hall, early afternoon, and was done in a couple of hours. Pretty good! We ended up sitting next to some girl and her parents who were all a little whack, but I could relate to them a little bit in some ways. Couple of interesting stories to relate. The girl who keeps the plate full for the whole time and then crazily starts gobbling it down toward the end. Let me tell you, this chick was a real firecracker. The mother who tries to set said up girl on dates with the kid working the event, even though she's almost 30 and he's probably still in high school. Naturally there is some friction between the girl and her mom. Ya think? The father who speaks softly, which I thought was just the way he is, but actually because he has no teeth and doesn't want to show them, so would rather just talk softly then getting it addressed and covers his mouth with his hand while saying something to someone so you can't see what he's saying while at the table with others overtly. Guess everyone's family is a little nuts somewhere, makes me think my own family isn't in the minority on craziness. Actually, I found them fascinating and I had a pretty good time listening to their stories. I wouldn't mind seeing them again someday and listening to all the drama, although I probably never will. Beats looking at PDF documents all day.

12:30 PM EST [Link] Castle Hill 2018 [comments: 0]
CH8518 (192k image)

09:14 AM EST [Link] PreGame Festivities [comments: 0]
Last night I was taken out to a pre-birthday celebration dinner by LD and our couple friends. I chose a place in Plymouth that I had liked in the past, and although it's a pain to get to, and not anywhere near the waterfront, and an hour or so wait time, I think everyone enjoyed the meal and I had a great time. Then we went and they had a cake specially made for me (with input from LD as to what the theme of the cake should be)! I must say they hit it out of the park.

bcake18 (87k image)

I probably should do some reflecting on what this particular birthday will mean to me, and I tried to write some thoughts down for a few minutes, but then gave up and went on and read a book, or watched tv, or something. I suppose I should get on that. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the number is, what matters is are you happy with yourself and your life? And I can truly say that I blessedly am. I'll probably get around to writing something more a little later in the week though - some people (i.e. LD) love to know my thoughts!

Friday, August 3, 2018

04:34 PM EST [Link] Down the Stairs [comments: 0]
DowntheStairs (240k image)

Thursday, August 2, 2018

02:58 PM EST [Link] Philosophy and Cats [comments: 0]
Riding my bike into work this morning I discovered another little library just outside of Davis Square so I figured I'd take a peek. I ended up taking a book that looks pretty promising called What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Cat. Looks to be a series of essays about the two subjects but dealing with philosophical questions. I'm actually looking forward to diving into this, and might gain some insight into our pets and possibly myself!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

11:01 AM EST [Link] Fried Clam Chowder [comments: 0]
Here's a video of how they make the fried clam chowder that I partook of last week, if you're interested.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

01:19 PM EST [Link] Whaleback Light [comments: 0]
WBL (160k image)

Whaleback Light is a historic lighthouse marking the mouth of the Piscataqua River between New Castle, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine. It is located on a rocky outcrop offshore southwest of Fort Foster and south of Wood Island in Kittery. A light has been active at this location since 1820; the present tower was built in 1872.

07:45 AM EST [Link] 44 Was Here [comments: 0]
44washere (235k image)
44 was here. Interestingly, this location is almost directly across from my dentist.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

10:30 AM EST [Link] Uninvited Guest / Joly Rocks Norwood [comments: 0]
chips_72918 (76k image)

And then we come back to see this creature enjoying himself on the Husky Tomato variety that we're growing on the patio. It knew enough to take the ripe one but the infuriating part is it left the uneaten half of it behind, right in the spot it was standing! (Actually, perhaps it'll come back to finish the second half, and I'm not that upset by it - as long as it doesn't become 'a problem.') Look at the cute little fingers!

This afternoon we hit the grocery store and got some stuff for me to grill up. Turkey Burgers, some chicken, zucchini, corn, and carrots. It all came out pretty good! The rest of the day has been spent planning out the next rapidly approaching getaway, my upcoming big birthday, and now I'm going down to the town center for the free Sunday concert on the common to enter the raffle to maybe win a gift certificate to some local restaurants!

joly (187k image)
Natalie Joly rocks the common.

Hey, this girl was really great! Lots of great covers, the Stones, Tom Petty, the Outfield, Jackson 5, Queen, Bryan Adams, Beatles, etc. etc. Plus one of her originals. Getting more famous by the day. Usually they play swing band music at these things but I like this idea of switching it up to some more modern music as not everyone in town is an octogenarian! Sadly, I didn't win anything at the raffle, but I'm glad I went and watched the performance - it was a good time!

09:17 AM EST [Link] Chocolate Skies / Wellfleet Sails [comments: 0]
choc-1 (168k image)

choc-2 (182k image)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

09:53 AM EST [Link] The Return [comments: 0]
fisherman2 (159k image)

We rented the movie Chappaquiddick last night. Not the most action packed movie in the world, but I knew that going in. It was ok. I guess I would categorize it as a docudrama. It's amazing with what can get away with when one has the power and the privilege. Currently got a bunch of books to read that I picked up in some lil libraries on the Cape. Might be unfortunate to say this but I find that the wealthier communities seem to have better reading material. Just finished To Be a Slave which although it says it's a children's book I don't find written to children to anyway. This book intrigued me because it actually has tales and quotes from actual slaves from back in the day and how they preserved. Horrible tales. I also picked up BAck Under Sail which tells of a woman recovering the spirit of adventure by being part of a sailing race off the dangerous coasts of Alaska after her rape. So yeah, some heavy stuff. Lastly there's Greetings from Utopia Park which deals with a girl recounting the years she grow up in a Transcendental Meditation cult.

This time away was very relaxing and we still got to see a bunch of new things and areas we'd never explored before in all the times we've been down. I went down wanting it to be more or a relaxing trip and to take it pretty easy, so I'm glad that came to be. Not to say that that's the be all end all. Just another week of work and then I'm off again, although the destination and meaning of the next one promises to be full of personal significance, and reflection on my part.

Friday, July 27, 2018

08:00 AM EST [Link] A New Day Dawns [comments: 0]
sunset72618 (185k image)

... Skaket, more sunsets, hot chocolate run, overlooking the cliffs, seals from the pier, searching out wildlife, getting burgers at the Red Nun (not impressed), finding new pockets of coastal activity. More later...

seal72618 (122k image)
From one tourist, to another.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

12:24 PM EST [Link] Sharks and Hydrangeas [comments: 0]
ssandh (231k image)

Something you see of lot down here, sharks and hydrangeas.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

08:58 PM EST [Link] Wellfleet Adventures [comments: 0]
wellfleet_72501 (212k image)

I rented a bike this morning and took to rail trail, first one way through Brewster, and the returning back and heading over the side and through Nickerson State Park. Pretty hilly in spots but when you're cruising down those hills with the wind whipping at you, it feels pretty good. After that we hit a few little libraries in Eastham and Wellfleet - these areas have good stuff as both LD and I found some new things to get into. For lunch it was off to Arnold's but just before then we explored the Wellfleet marina and surrounding area. I feel like I got a lot of good shots there which I will get to as I do. Heading back we hit the pool and I soaked in the hot tub, relieving the muscles in my body from the ride this morning. Tonight we cooked up some burgers and got some corn from a local stand along the road. The corn was very good - there's really no beating these little local farmers when it comes to great produce. We even imbibed a little bit - but not too crazy, just those Mike's hard watermelon drinks, which I must say, I do enjoy. And I am really enjoying this short time away - I feel very lucky and blessed to be experiencing it all.

09:07 AM EST [Link] Biking the Cape Cod Rail Trail [comments: 0]
Today. Got my rented bike and I'm ready to roll! Wish me luck! Think I'll hit the other direction this year.

07:55 AM EST [Link] Sunset Drive [comments: 0]
sunset72418 (183k image)

Sunsets, ice cream, a very foggy drive down to Nauset beach in the evening and the waves were crashing huge and a little scary, but the breeze, oh the breeze, was so delightful along with the smell of the ocean air.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

04:08 PM EST [Link] Fried Clam Chowder! [comments: 0]
fchow (58k image)I finally had a chance to try out that fried clam chowder that I saw mentioned on Chronicle a few weeks ago down here. I must say, it reminded me pretty much of like a crab cake. It did taste good. Now I can cross that off my bucket list - apparently this is the only place in the country that serves fried clam chowder.

We also got a little bit of shopping in today. Some things for family members and I picked up a pretty cool informative handbook on lighthouses across New England that looks to be very informative from all the other books I have on the subject and the presentation on the pages is what got me to buy it.

Well, off to the pool for now....perhaps some ocean swimming later....

Monday, July 23, 2018

07:40 PM EST [Link] Coastal Cape Cod [comments: 0]
sealmama (144k image)
A Mother Harbor Seal and her cub. Privileged to come upon this scene.

Above, another shot from along the shores of Chatham - I think it's probably my favorite Cape town - not for the population or wonderful Inns, but for the amazing wildlife one can find by just wandering around. We are getting good at this! Today I also picked up another book from a little library, this time in Brewster. A book about Plants that Bloom Indoors. It was written in the early 70s but I think it'll be good to try to keep my green thumb going even in the winter months. Plus I like brightening the surroundings up - it lightens my mood, especially in the doldrums of winter. I like to educate myself on a variety of topics that interest me. I also bought a tile made by an artist in Brewster that relates to the furbabies. It was the only one there I saw that they had and for some reason it spoke to me. It's currently in the sunroom. For lunch we had lobster rolls at a wonderful restaurant in Sandwich down by the Canal with amazing views, which we discovered last year and revisited today.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

04:53 PM EST [Link] Chasing the Great Blue Heron [comments: 0]
capeheron72218_2 (256k image)
Morris Island, Chatham 7/22/18

6662-1 (138k image)
In the field capturing the above shot.

A lot of the times LD will just decide to take some random road and more often then not she notices a cool bird or something along the way and that's how we found this big guy. We also found a little trail that led down to a beachy area where an osprey was looking for food wading in the ocean waves. I may put that picture up later. At first I wasn't into making the hike down but LD thought it wouldn't be bad and so we went and I'm glad we did. Even though today was overcast it was cool and actually pretty nice to be outside down there, probably where seals nest on the shores. Might need to go back there later in the week. Also since we were exploring parts of Chatham that we never did before, we found a couple of Little Libraries to check out. Here's one of the more remote ones but definitely worth a visit if only for the surrounding scenery! In the late afternoon we had lunch at a place called The Talkative Pig. I even bought a shirt from there that caught my eye.

me-Lib_chatham (252k image)

10:35 AM EST [Link] Paine's Creek Visit [comments: 0]
paine7211801 (133k image)

paine7211802 (193k image)

These were taken just before we ended the night by eating fish tacos. It was a beautiful night down here. During the day we did some food shopping, had a nice lunch at a little local place, got the cable fixed,caught the last episode of Cloak and Dagger by watching it on the laptop (show's pretty good - just got renewed for season 2!), but overall, pretty much just chilled out.

Friday, July 20, 2018

09:13 PM EST [Link] Chasing Sunsets [comments: 0]
capesunset72018 (131k image)
First sunset from this year's Cape trip.

06:02 PM EST [Link] Stargazing [comments: 0]
stargazer72018 (255k image)

Took this shot of our Stargazers this morning because I thought they looked cool. I must have shot it from 7 different angles and played around with various versions. Still wasn't sure if this was the best one but I decided to go with it after much consideration.

I tried messing with the cable ONT box for a while but it would appear to me that basically the PSU is fried, so unfortunately a tech is going to have to come out and take a look at it. Sigh.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

10:38 AM EST [Link] Spread Your Wings! [comments: 0]
egret71918 (230k image)

Another shot from a few weeks ago. I don't know what happened yesterday but after around 7 PM I got really tired, like hitting a brick wall it was so sudden, so I basically just crashed and slept the night away. This happened once before a few weeks ago. Things just catch up to you over time I guess - felt like I needed a hard reset.

Angel71918 (250k image)

Over at lunch I went for a walk out back and happened to catch some butterflies fluttering around the marshy area. Made me think of Angel.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

09:03 AM EST [Link] Stupid Verizon Box [comments: 0]
boschain (141k image)

So last night there was a power outage and it really messed up the verizon FIOS box in the cellar. I thought I had it fixed (it was doing this annoying beeping meaning that somehow it was going off battery power) so everything got unplugged and re-plugged back in. It seemed I had it working last night, but this morning when I checked it out it seemed that the box wasn't receiving any power at all even though I reset a bunch of switches. Unfortunately it would appear that a service tech may need to come out and take a look at the thing. Gotta have TV and Internet!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

09:12 AM EST [Link] Good Day Boston [comments: 0]
boston71718 (194k image)

If you happen to pick up a copy of the Somerville News Weekly newspaper around town, you'll see that I'm in it. I plan on picking up a bunch of copies after work today. I'm in the Magic Moments section (Page 21).

Sunday, July 15, 2018

02:58 PM EST [Link] The Lesson [comments: 0]
heronnewton (174k image)

As we were checking out some little libraries in Newton (LD's been cleaning out her old books by giving them away to these things and taking a new one if we think it looks interesting), I happened to check out some gorge just under Route 9 we passed to see if there was anything interesting there. Overall, I'd say no, but just as I was heading back to the car this blue heron swooped down. All I had was my cellphone (LD says I should always bring my gear, and she's right, but I don't always listen!) but every time I approached nearer it would walk just a little further away. Anyways, this is the best I got. The lesson is you never know what you're going to find.

Getting psyched for upcoming Cape trip, made me want to go through some pis I took from years past, including coming across this amazing set off of Monomoy Point. Looking through them now I wonder why didn't I use more of these shots? Here's one that I thought was cute, perhaps I'll add another one of what appears to be a mother looking after her cub as well.

seals71518 (128k image)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

08:44 AM EST [Link] Best Part of the Day! [comments: 0]
boats71418 (166k image)

Early morning for sure.

boscharles (111k image)

Ok, dusk is pretty good too.

Friday, July 13, 2018

09:52 AM EST [Link] Fire Lily Redux [comments: 0]
fl71218 (204k image)

Couldn't help noticing that this fire lilies we planted a while back just keep coming up with more and more blooms, s I decided that might make a cool shot. Wasn't the easiest trying to get what I felt was a decent camera angle with my cellphone, but I am pleased with the result. This is what makes gardening worthwhile.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

09:45 AM EST [Link] Egret Convention [comments: 0]
squawk (142k image)

"Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

08:47 AM EST [Link] Hiding in Plain Sight [comments: 0]
franklin (116k image)
Look up!

Near the Freedom Trail, opposite the Old South Meeting House on Milk Street, is the birthplace of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). He was an author, diplomat, inventor, printer, and scientist. A statue of Franklin stands in front of Old City Hall, one block away on School Street.

Embedded in the wall of the building at 1 Milk Street, on the 2nd floor, is a bust of Franklin, with the label "Birthplace of Franklin."

In 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born in a humble little house on Milk Street. The old house stood a hundred and twenty years, and was greatly respected as a notable landmark. The building was destroyed by fire in 1811.

You'd think there'd be a sign or a plaque or something commemorating it but there isn't. it's actually kinda easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. I've passed it many times in my life not even knowing!

That's today's history lesson.

Monday, July 9, 2018

11:08 AM EST [Link] Today's 'Holiday' [comments: 0]
Today's holiday is National No Bra Day.

Just sayin'.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

05:31 PM EST [Link] Harbor Daze [comments: 0]
d_6236s (128k image)

Another beautiful day! But today was more about reading and just relaxing in general. Did go to the grocery store for some things (place was a zoo - remind us not to go there/do that again). We also finished dropping off books at some other little libraries in Wellesley and Norwood. Good deed for the day. Grilling some salmon tonight on the grill. Keeping in Sunday simple. Back to the regular grind tomorrow.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

08:29 PM EST [Link] Of Egrets and Little Libraries [comments: 0]
6216s (165k image)

After being stuck in house for days mainly because it was just to hot to do anything, today we set out to enjoy the beautiful weather. And what a gorgeous day today was. We decided to take a trip up to Gloucester Mass. One of our favorite places. After driving straight up Route 128 we decided to get some lunch - our usual lobster BLTs at this place that we like up there. Oh, beforehand LD also got some of her old books together to drop off and some Little Libraries up there that I wrote their addresses to so we could find them along the way. By far, the best one was this little one on this side street near the ocean that was done up really nice, with a lighthouse for the handle and buoys around the sides - very nautical and the best little library that I'd ever seen. It even had a guest book in it, where LD wrote a little note that we had visited and liked it so much. I ended up taking a book about the Catholic Church Scandal by Boston Globe writers that the movie Spotlight was based on so that's my next read.

While searching for some libraries along the northern shore, LD spotted the motherload of Great and Snowy Egrets. So she dropped me off because 9 times out of 10, when we notice these things there's no place to pull off. Especially here, at Goose Cove, along Route 127 with no lanes or walking areas on the sides, where everyone races along like a maniac. But sometimes one has to do what it takes to get a shot, within reason. Took many shots there of which here is one.

To round out the trip we hang out along Stacey Blvd and sat and watched the boats go under the historic drawbridge for 45 minutes or so. All in all, a very fun trip was had. Had to take advantage of this gorgeous weather. Finally we hit the center and found a place that sells tourist Gloucester shirts of which I bought one and also a little statuette of the Fisherman Statue that I will add to my tchotchke shelf.

6238s (89k image)
A 2-Masted Sail passes by 10 Pound Lighthouse. Simply Stunning.

Friday, July 6, 2018

05:28 PM EST [Link] Bar Harbor, Snake, More Books [comments: 0]
BarHarbor2011 (148k image)

Bar Harbor, Maine. Wish I could say I was there right now but this is actually a throwback pic I took a few years back. Guess we used to travel a bit more and further away in the earlier days but with responsibilities and being a little older it's a little harder to do it that way now. However, we can do just as many fun things around here.

Tree guy finally coming tomorrow morning to look at the trees that have been damaged since March. Hope the prognosis isn't too bad!


I've been playing this version of a game called Snake for a while now (according to the stats about 10 hours - but not all over one day - more like a couple of weeks). I've finally got to the last level, and if nobody believes me I'm attaching a screenshot to prove it. I don't think I'll be able to complete level 60 but it was a lot of fun getting there.

snake706 (66k image)


Next up on the reading docket, one a little old and one brand new. Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan and Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech by Sara Wachter-Boettcher.


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