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Red Barn in Snow, Bolton MA (Feb. 2017)
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Long Beach/Beach Haven, NJ (December 2016)
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Surf City, NJ (December 2016)
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Supermoon November 2016
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Fall Cleanup (October, 2016)
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Somerville Bike Path (10.18.16)
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Natick Falls, Natick MA (10.16.16)
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Sunset at Ten Pound Light, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Rooftop Pool, Gloucester MA (9.24.16)
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Prospect Hill Tower, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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View of Boston from Prospect Hill, Somerville MA (9.20.16)
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Bigelow Chapel, Mount Auburn Cemetary (Sept. 2016)
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Winslow and Tiki (Sept. 2016)
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Pemaquid Point Shot, Maine August 2016
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Zen along Ocean Point, Maine (August 2016)
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Mystic Seaport Dusk, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Rocks and Roses along Penobscot Penisula (8/9/16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #3, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #2, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Atlantic Puffin Shot #1, Eastern Egg Rock Island, Maine (8.9.16)
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Rock Harbor, Orleans Cape Cod Sunset July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod MA July 2016
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Chatham Light Beach, Chatham MA July 2016
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Chatham Light, Chatham MA July 2016
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Highland Light, Truro MA July 2016
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Capr Cod Windmill, Easton MA July 2016
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Greyson the Alpaca, Hubburdston MA July 2016
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Mystic Seaport Sunset, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sea Lion, Mystic CT (7/3/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Sailing around Windmill Point, Hull, MA (7/2/16)
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Boston Light (7/1/16)
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Point Judith Light Area, Narragansett, RI (6.12.16)
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Lighthouse Mailbox, Somewhere in RI (6.12.16)
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Pemaquid Point Maine 2011 (re-issue 6.6.16) - I'm jonesing to get back there. I have a thing for lighthouses and puffins. Maybe this summer!
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Approaching Infinity, Scituate, MA (6.4.16)
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Visiting Cohasset (6.4.16)
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Approaching Minot Light off Cohasset coast (5.29.16)
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Iris from my Garden 2016 (6.1.16)
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Friday, March 24, 2017

04:23 PM EST [Link] Little Details [comments: 0]
chigate (163k image)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

01:13 PM EST [Link] Fish Sampling Memories [comments: 0]
natickposter3_v9_22 (241k image)

Another blast from the past from my mapping days, can you tell I'm cleaning out my old projects? This time it's "Aquatic Wildlife and Morphometric Characteristics of Lake Cochituate" which the towns of Natick, Framingham, and Wayland all share. This was for an ecological risk assessment that included extensive fish, mussel, and sediment sampling across the major ponds of Lake Cochituate. Interesting note about this one is that this poster was never actually used in any report. I created it myself just to learn the software. In the lower right are images of the fish that were found there and that I researched from Fishbase. In the top right is the bathymetry of the pond (i.e measurements to how deep it is). The main block shows a satellite photo of the area with the sampling locations and the counts of the various wildlife found in pie charts at that location.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

09:21 AM EST [Link] Cats and Ice Cream [comments: 0]
cats_icecream (180k image)
Courtesy: LD
mysticboating (139k image)
Dreaming of Spring! Mystic, CT

Sunday, March 19, 2017

09:37 AM EST [Link] Boston Love [comments: 0]
Boston_old_new (235k image)

One of the things I love about Boston is the integration of the old with the new. Also hung at the sanctuary for a little bit today - goats visit = helps to recharge the soul. Off to try to make some smoky seared cod with a side of dates.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

03:51 PM EST [Link] Cooking Aftenoon [comments: 0]
Not only did we cook some chicken pot pie, also did a Miso-Butter Chicken with Freekeh and sauteed carrots dish. Had to start cooking some of this stuff before things go bad. Planning on a dinner event out tonight with friends so had to get moving on some of this stuff.

Qdock (104k image)
Dinner view just before sunset in Quincy. I do love me some lobster raviolis!

I can't wait for this snow to get out of here. I'm starting to get the gardening bug that I usually get around this time.

Friday, March 17, 2017

11:57 AM EST [Link] Happy St. Patrick's Day [comments: 2]
Kiss Me!

I'm 0% Irish!

Actually going to spend the latter part of today down at a friend's house near Buzzard's Bay. Invited down for dinner, ham, instead of corned beef and (yuck) cabbage.

Update! Had a lot of fun - also got to binge watch some episodes of Fuller House on the Netflix and discovered I actually like it!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

12:30 PM EST [Link] Caspian Sea Memories [comments: 0]
Caspian (179k image)

Blast from the past. Map I helped create back in 1996 I believe. It was used in an Environmental Impact Assessment of the Northern Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan to see what effects oil drilling would have on the local environment, When actually printed out I believe this was the 4-foot tall version. A couple of years earlier I had created a 6 ft tall version which included more of the southern part of the waterbody. I still have a copy in my basement of that mounted on cardboard. I can remember while making this that the computers we had at the time could not actually save this file - it was too big. I had to save it in pieces and write a script to load each piece one by one to create the final image (this was created in an old version of Autocad (maybe 9 or 11 on a gateway 386 computer)). I also remember printing it took a really long time. Still, looking back now, it's one of the things I helped create that I'm most proud of. It is in cyrillic (russian text) and english and although hard to see on this scan, the pie charts relate to parts of the year that the ecology of the area is most sensitive to changes throughout the year, plant life and animal life.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

08:07 AM EST [Link] Hard as Ice / Get Through [comments: 0]
Well, after yesterday's cleanup, all the water turned to ice making anything not treated a solid ice block. Luckily for the most part I had cleaned and shovelled everything around the house before the ice up did occur but naturally all my car doors froze up. I ended up taking the subway into work today (I had been planning to do it anyways, knowing this would happen). The storm ended up not being as bad as they had predicted in the long run, as its track and speed and some warm air coming in off the ocean, had altered it's outlook. Overall, not too bad out there but it probably depends where you happen to be.

If you need a little brain break, this game, Get Through is pretty good.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

04:04 PM EST [Link] Snow Day - March 14, 2017 [comments: 0]
snowhalf2 (132k image)
See the snowman?
snowhalf1 (177k image)
House colors look brighter against the white snow.

Monday, March 13, 2017

12:44 PM EST [Link] Hello Boston [comments: 0]
primarkb (191k image)

Are we ready for the big snowstorm tomorrow Boston?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

08:16 PM EST [Link] Dreaming... [comments: 0]
norwoodfall (148k image)
...of warmer days.

The biography on Rorschach and his test was pretty darn good, although I liked the half learning about the man, rather than the history of use and misuse of his test, better. However I would recommend reading it if you are interested in that, and really, who wouldn't be? It is pretty cool.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

06:05 PM EST [Link] Graffiti Alley and Cheese [comments: 0]
grafalley (127k image)

meroxy311_s (71k image)Although it was pretty cold outside today, found time to hit the New Balance outlet to get some sneakers for ourselves. And since we were in the area decided to check out the A4Cade in Central Square. We'll have to go another time to actually see the arcade part since that doesn't open til after 5pm but we got some Grilled Cheeses for lunch and to check out the environs. As we were leaving I took a quick jaunt to check out how graffiti alley looks as of now. It's this alley in Central Square that artists continually paint over with various graffiti.

Friday, March 10, 2017

04:09 PM EST [Link] Boston Throwback [comments: 0]
bostontbt (178k image)

High point today was a nice lunch at Del Fresco's in Chestnut Hill (restaurant week, so took advantage). Oh, and taking the cat to the vet.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

04:36 PM EST [Link] Next on Reading List [comments: 0]
After Inkblots, next 2 on my reading list: #3: "Sweet Child of Mine: How I Lost My Son to Guns N' Roses" which is written by the former drummer's mom regarding his addictions and #4: "Fluff: The Sticky Sweet Story of America in a Jar" because, Fluff!

Monday, March 6, 2017

09:11 AM EST [Link] Acorn II [comments: 0]
acorn2 (266k image)
"Most Photographed Street in Boston"

Sunday, March 5, 2017

06:25 PM EST [Link] Maine Overnight [comments: 0]
cliffwalk (184k image)
Along the Cliff Walk.

Took LD away for a night up in Maine for a little getaway.I think I had just as great, if not a better time than her! I ate a lot, for sure, but definitely enjoyed the quiet and hot tub, and all the amenities. Like I said, I felt I te a lot of this trip, with lunch, dinner, candy at Yummies, and breakfast at various different places all being amazing, Varanos, Roost, Robert's etc. Before heading back we took in some sights around the area.

lilpeep (137k image)
Little People
perks (166k image)
Perkin's Cove
oqlib (194k image)
The Library
Roost (51k image)
Breakfast at Roost

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

08:01 AM EST [Link] Brownstone Love [comments: 0]
brownstone (219k image)
I've been dancin' with,
Mr. Brownstone...

For some reason, this picture I took last Friday and placed on my Insta is getting a lot of love. I guess people really like mansards and brownstones. Also, I rode in again today - three rides in February - unheard of for me.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

06:40 PM EST [Link] Seeing Kedi [comments: 0]
veldome (86k image)
The Vendome, Back Bay Boston

Walking around Boston the other day and passing this impressive structure made me want to learn more about it. It has quite the history.

The Hotel Vendome fire was the worst firefighting tragedy in Boston history. Nine firefighters were killed when part of the building collapsed, June 17, 1972. The Hotel Vendome was on the southwest corner of the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Dartmouth Street, in the Back Bay area of Boston. On June 17th, 1997 -- the 25th anniversary of the Vendome fire -- a monument was dedicated on the Commonwealth Avenue mall, a few yards from the site of the fire. The monument features a fireman's helmet and coat cast in bronze draped over a low arc of dark granite. An inscription bears the timeline of the fire and the names of the men who died. One faces the site of the fire when reading the names. After the fire, the Vendome was successfully renovated, hosting 110 residential condominium units and 27 commercial units, including a restaurant.

Got to see the independent film, Kedi, down by Kendell Square today as well.

Also, while watching Dateline the other day and seeing that the Keith Morrison voice add on was available, well I downloaded that puppy right away, as his voice led us to the venue!

Also, my next read (book #2 for the year): The Inkblots

Saturday, February 25, 2017

07:18 PM EST [Link] Bean! [comments: 0]
bean_thegoat (107k image)

Got to meet the baby goat, Bean, today!

Friday, February 24, 2017

06:33 PM EST [Link] Spent the Day in Boston [comments: 0]
longf (166k image)
acornst (226k image)
Acorn Street

Such a nice spring day, had to walk around and check out some city sights. Wanted to get a bunch of different angles of historic Acorn Street - the most photographed street in Boston - but there was a lot of construction going on down there today. Looked like they were gutting one of the properties so there were these trucks blocking the street, plus today was trash day and the pickups hadn't arrived yet, so there was garbage everywhere. Also found where the Great Elm once stood on Boston Common and had lunch down by Copley Square. Possible more pics to come. I took a lot of a bunch of different places.

cobblebeaconh (265k image)
Cobble Drives in Beacon Hill.
keepfighting (107k image)
Small sign in dorm room above Common, "Never Stop Fighting"

Thursday, February 23, 2017

12:35 PM EST [Link] Tear It Down From Within! [comments: 0]
alwifdemo (188k image)

Now, this, is open-concept. Tearing down the office building across the way. Looks like they're gutting from the inside out, rather than a straight wrecking ball.

07:58 AM EST [Link] Image of the day [comments: 0]
horsewinslowtbt (144k image)
One of my own from a few weeks ago. Horse in Shadow!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

08:04 AM EST [Link] 1st Bike Ride in 2017! [comments: 0]
Took the bike to ride in this morning - earliest of the year ever! But the weather is unseasonably warm with temps between 50 and 60 over the next few days, so, yes! The firefly lighting system I installed over the winter work flawlessly (Thanks LD!) although nicely it doesn't get dark now until after 5 pm. For the record, the last time I rode in was Nov. 17, 2016 I believe. As for my rant yesterday, I gave up - they beat you down so you just don't care anymore. What does it matter anyway? Great morale booster this place conveys, eh? If that's the choice, so be it - just don't blame me if a certain capability is needed. I suppose we'd just find another way, even if it might not be the most pleasing or cost-effective over the long haul - but that's not my concern. It would be nice to have a shelf in a file cabinet though - no storage is just ridiculous for an office setting. Also, if I get sick I will be spreading my germs freely to everyone and the first f**ker who messes with the heating/cooling is going to get an earful - because you know these offices can never get the temperature right. Everything in life is cyclical and one way or another, eventually things will change.

Today's braingame distraction: Princess and Hero

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

07:57 PM EST [Link] Architecture to Explain Mental Illness [comments: 0]
This is kind of cool. An artist is Using Architecture To Explain 16 Mental Illnesses And Disorders.

11:18 AM EST [Link] But There's Fruit! [comments: 0]
Just learned that when we move into the new space, it is so small that the large format digitizer I've used in the past won't be able to come with us. They might as well just ditch the color plotter while they're at it, why not? Another capability out the door - no forethought for the future. Just because those things maybe haven't been used that much lately doesn't mean they never will. In the long run, anything that needed that will need to be subbed out and no doubt cost more. Also, I guess these "tables" that we're supposed to be sitting at have no room for personalization, or any kind of partition - not even a inch. Wonder where I am supposed to put my stapler. And no storage for anything whatsoever. I find it all very strange and somewhat dehumanizing. I understand the need to cut real estate costs because you must be sucking in other areas and want to balance the books so you can tell your shareholder you're doing fine but this seems a bit extreme, not to mention the fact that this open concept crap was the in-thing like 15 years ago and not so much now. I find it incredible that senior people would either be in the same room with us or a tiny open cubicle - even VPs! Guess they don't plan on hiring any new senior people because why would they agree to being in that kind of environment? You can forget about mentoring as well since they won't be around to do so. Plus if everyone does decide to just work from home what's the sense of even having this office to begin with? Even more empty space which the tablet could have sat in. You can't make room for a piece of equipment that does fold up btw and only takes up 20 sq. ft of floor space? I'm trying to keep an open mind and I know it will be what it will be, but it does sounds less appealing every day. One of the amenities they came up with is fresh fruit everyday. Are you serious? What a joke.

Monday, February 20, 2017

06:36 PM EST [Link] Boating Fun [comments: 0]
scitboat (142k image)
The cure for anything is saltwater - sweat, tears, or the sea.- Isak Dinesen

04:06 PM EST [Link] Needham Barn [comments: 0]
redbarn218 (126k image)
Just another sight over the long weekend.

Time to start my reading journey goals for the year. Currently Reading: Born with Teeth by Kate Mulgrew.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

05:09 PM EST [Link] Warm Day Number 2 [comments: 0]
PadroPan (122k image)
Padro and Pan
Emu219 (163k image)
Emu Mood
zoe219 (98k image)
paca219 (106k image)
Alpaca smiling

Great warm day to spend some time at the Sanctuary. Also tried this awesome Italian restaurant for lunch in Taunton called La Familia.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

10:25 PM EST [Link] Featured on Instagramers Massachusetts! [comments: 0]
Finally got one of my pics recognized by Instagramers Massachusetts, the Official IGers Community for the ️State of Massachusetts!

Check it!

06:15 PM EST [Link] A Warm Day in February [comments: 0]
feb18_04 (142k image)
feb18_05 (117k image)
feb18_01 (157k image)
feb18_02 (140k image)

Friday, February 17, 2017

08:39 AM EST [Link] Valentine's Day Flowers [comments: 0]
vd2017 (146k image)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

12:10 PM EST [Link] February Thoughts [comments: 0]
To my mind, February is the worst month. Why? Because it's the one where we seem to get the most snow (after 2 events now I'm done, snow fatigue has set in - I literally found myself feeling short with people and in general just an overall tiredness and irritability). Made harder that it takes longer to deal with this stuff, from cleaning, to scraping, to not trying to get injured. Also, it's the month, where if I'm not careful, I generally get sick. Just the other day I felt a sore throat coming on, but luckily I seemed to have nipped it in the bud.

On the plus side, it is the shortest month!

07:51 AM EST [Link] Bolton Library in the Snow [comments: 0]

boltonlib (157k image)
Cool Architecture.

07:34 AM EST [Link] My What Big Ears [comments: 0]
fennec (120k image)
My, What big ears you have, Mr. Fennec Fox.
croc (192k image)
Just hitching a ride, no worries...right?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

08:55 AM EST [Link] A Kind of Perfect [comments: 1]
Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. I spent mine at home with a quiet dinner and some cookie baking (and of course buying flowers and sending them to LDs workplace). It might not sound so spectacular but after waiting so long for a love that's real, it's kind of perfect.

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled day.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

06:57 PM EST [Link] Visit to Bolton [comments: 0]
Bolton2 (159k image)
Checked out another animal place in the town of Bolton (in between various bouts of shovelling the last two days), a suburb I had never been to before. I do have a bunch of pics of the animals which I might share later, but I was more enamored with the various scenery along the route covered in snow.
Bolton1 (172k image)

Friday, February 10, 2017

02:01 PM EST [Link] Backyard Birding [comments: 0]
abird3 (199k image)

Got some visitors to the backyard feeder after the storm.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

12:58 PM EST [Link] Quiet Before the Storm [comments: 0]
birdale (290k image)
Come out, come out, wherever you are!


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