Visions Past of Waking up to a New Day

Sunrise over the Cape. This print is available!

Here’s another photograph I took early in the morning down the Cape from a week ago. It was pretty cold but I think that somehow it makes the colors look better sometimes, although I don’t know how or even why. I would guess that since there’s less moisture in the air, it may make the scene crispier. In this particular shot, I liked how the limpets were attached to the rocks, the geese are floating down the water, and the sun’s rays are streaming out from the clouds to the top.

When was the last time you woke up and realized that today could be the best day of your life?

So while I was sitting there, waiting for the sun to rise up little by little, minute by minute, the cold nipping at my nose and fingertips holding the shutter button of my camera, I wondered at the smallness of myself and how lucky I’ve been and appreciative that this was one of the good days of my blessed life. It offered the promise of a day full of possibilities. But then I realized something else. Here’s the thing about what could be the best days of your life: They’re even more fun if you stay fully present while you’re experiencing them.

Anyways, looking forward to possibly some more Cape stays in the future later this year.