Sometimes Upside Down is Better

What do you know? I actually had some numbers on that Powerball ticket I played yesterday. I knew I had a feeling. I had a number plus the megaball, which leads to a payout of … four dollars. Guess I’ll use that money to just play another two tickets.

The story behind the photo: Well, the roses might have died but I like having flowers to look at so how about replacing them with some fresh flowers. These purple carnations look to do the trick. I photographed them and then worked my “magic” on post processing and rotated the shot 180 degrees.

Hearts on a Good Beach Day

Love on the beach.

Spent part of the morning taking a walk on the beach as today was a rather nice day. I even found another heart shaped rock. We took a picture of it along with some beach calligraphy that the Ladydoc was kind enough to create and rejuvenate our souls. Nothing like some great beach air and sights to get a walk in. Get sick of walking around the block sometimes. Anyways maybe finding these things are good signs for the future, right? Got to keep the faith. Think I was able to get some pretty good photos, the lighting seemed pretty good. I’ll see as I go through them later in the week.

Spent the latter part of the afternoon rearranging the sitting room as it’s becoming a makeshift work from home office for LD during these winter months when using the sun room isn’t really feasible. Also finally took down the xmas tree which really opened up the room quite a bit. It looks so much bigger to me now and open. I’d say a it’s a good change of pace.

The Little Things to Lift a Depression

Started using this “Happy Light” lamp that LD bought to help with my Seasonal Affective Disorder. Hard to tell but I think it might actually be working – especially on these downcast morning cloudy days.

I think we’re sick of turkey now, pretty much made everything you could with it over the past few days: turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey enchiladas, yadda yadda yadda. The garlic clove I planted is growing like wildfire – guess the little thing likes it’s new digs, got three leave sprouts shooting skyward. It resides on a windowsill by my computer along with his buddy, the aloe plant (also doing well), and some rocks and shells we’ve collected from our beach outings this year.

Today was also the day for putting up and out all the holiday decorations. I got the lighted automated reindeers all set up on the front lawn and we also adorned the two spruces out front with some colored lights. I hung the lighted wreath up on the front door and we then worked together to put up the xmas tree and get the lights around that. Tring to get all the timers to be set to the proper times. Added add all the ornaments later in the evening. I placed one ornament on the real baby pine tree that we are growing outside in the back. I think this is the earliest we ever put everything up!

Starting the Light Ups

Started hanging some holiday lights late this afternoon. A bunch of lighted trees to adorn the pathway out front, which will also be with the automated reindeer that goes out every year. I haven’t got around to them yet, but hope to before the week is out. Also hung some icicle lights inside the sun room and some adorning the big picture window that looks out onto the patio. I also still need to hang the lighted wreath and bring up the Xmas tree.

We’re getting a jump on it a little early this year you might say. We even already ate most of our turkey, seeing as we cooked it last Saturday. An interesting story in and of itself as to why. Ask and I’ll tell, otherwise I’ll keep mum about it.

Also thanks to whoever bought some coasters featuring my shot of Scituate Light from my shop! Always nice to get a sale!

Tonight’s movie watch is High Fidelity. Figure we’ll watch that and then catch a couple of 48 Hrs episodes left on the DVR. Also every day I try to catch at least one Hunter episode. Working my way through those.

My Heart is Glad!

What a wonderful day – I feel so optimistic and genuinely happy! In celebration had to get some things at the home improvement store and ended up getting a lot of plants, 1/2 off, including a big pine tree! Probably plant them tomorrow – it’s going to be the start of a new era! Also spent the afternoon with a socially distant hang with some friends. Today was a very good day!

The Down Low for Today

Acorn Street Boston up close
Down Low

I’ve posted this image before, but I still like it, a low shot of the cobble stones on Acorn Street in Boston. Had to get pretty low to the ground to capture this angle. I like the little details though.

Went to the gas station early this morning to put air into my tires. I was starting to get annoyed that the low psi light would stay on. Come to find out, all 4 tires needed air and I was able to get all four filled just in time, as the last tire to reach the proper pressure made it just as time had run out, so I didn’t have to put in any more money.

Watched this really interesting show on Frontline last night comparing the backgrounds of Trump and Biden, where they come from, experiences, how they handled them, what their playbooks have been, etc. Talk about two people who couldn’t be more different. Catch it if you can, I learned some stuff about both of them.

I’m getting to the point where I really need to upgrade my phone, I’m still rocking the Samsung S5. The best bet would probably be to splurge for the S20 but that’s a lot of money. Still mulling the options, but I’m going to need to upgrade soon.

Oil on Canvas

A painting of boats in a harbor.

I kind of like this one. This is a closeup of a painting I saw as I was getting ready to leave the island of Nantucket a few years back. It caught my eye just the way the strokes and dabs made the boats and I love the reflections.

Laurel & Hardy

Visited my mom’s today and these are her two cats. They are brothers and seem to be bonded seeing as they’ve been together since their birth. And if one is at the vet the other one wonders where he is and is glad to see him when he returns. They do everything together and have their whole lives.

Sunset Serendipity

Couple watching the sunset
Couple watching the sunset

“Sunsets are always better shared.”

The story behind the photo: This happened to be one of the last shots I took on the night this was taken at Rock Harbor in Orleans. I actually have a bunch of various scenes from this area on this particular night, but as the sun was setting and it was getting close to be getting time to go, I kept watching this couple in a rowboat go around the bay a couple of times. Finally I saw that they positioned their boat in order to take in some sunset scenery and so I decided to take a picture of that. It was a spectacular night for a sunset too. Complete serendipity as to how this one all turned out!