Anywhere With You is Better than Anywhere Without You

Anywhere with you!

Ain’t that the truth! Anyways, how about some minutiae time? What’s up? Let’s see. Yesterday I removed the lighted reindeer from the front lawn and stored them away for next season. Been getting caught up on a lot of shows that we’d DVR’d. I’m thinking I want to check out Peacemaker – heard that’s getting a lot of buzz. I made some killer bacon burgers last night. What else? Started rereading The Puzzler’s Dilemma: From the Lighthouse of Alexandria to Monty Hall, a Fresh Look at Classic Conundrums of Logic, Mathematics, and Life, a book I read back in 2012 but it’s been so long I forget it all and I’m looking for something to read…so there’s that. The hydroponics are really growing now. One of the sprouts doesn’t seem to be taking but I’ve done steps to try to rectify that. All of the other sprout strains are doing well.

Told you it was just boring minutiae!

Sore But(t) All is Good

Happy days are here again!

Things are starting to get back to normal around here which is really good and provides me with a sigh of relief. LD is finally back and doing well. I did take a tumble down the stairs this morning but thankfully it was my left buttcheek that took the brunt. Thankfully not on my tailbone because that would have been really problematic. I’m alright, maybe just a teeny bit sore in the affected area. The stupid railing finally gave, I had a feeling it would sooner or later and I guess today was the day. Going to have to get new brackets and reinstall since that’s the part that snapped, they’ve been there since forever. None the worse for wear though so no worries. I’m a pretty tough cookie.

On a positive note, the hydroponic garden we’ve started is performing nicely. Real soon I’ll be able to remove the little domes on the sprouts and they can grow freely. I also checked on the pine tree out back that showed signs of distress this summer but I’m pleased to see that it has mostly recovered on it’s own. It even has two pinecones on it now.

I disabled comments on posts that are greater than two weeks old moving forward. Seems spammers just would add stupid comments. It’s really a waste of their time since every comment has to be registered and approved which theirs never would be but I got sick of seeing the notifications about it, so that ought to curb that.

Magic Hands

Things I do to pass the time lately these days, playing around with various filters to entertain myself. I thought this one was kinda cool. Let me put a spell on you with my magic hands. Actually I don’t need a filter for that, but speaking of doing things with hands…

I went down to an antique dealer this afternoon and picked up a couple of drawer craft cabinets to store craft supplies for LD that she had ordered. These will go with another hand crafter cabinet that a carpenter must have built for someone a couple of weeks ago using solid wood, not any of that particle board crap. That one is so cute looking, plus you can’t beat the price and I think there is just something about some hand crafted woodworking. Carpentry was one of the things that I was interested in as a child but I never pursued it. I think having to sand down a project we had to do in shop class for what seemed like 5 billion times in high school burnt me out on it. However, my sister is actually really good at carpentry believe it or not. She can build or repair just about anything. Also, I saw you rolling your eyes regarding my hands comment.

Not looking forward to being outside at all tomorrow, but those are the breaks!

First Snow Day of the Year

Snow Day

Woke up to the first snow storm of the year. We got about 13″ in this area but at least it was mostly fluffy. I’ve been going back in forth to the hospital that last couple of days and probably for next few days to visit LD (thankfully it’s not Covid related, but still the sooner she can leave the better – caring thoughts appreciated, things are looking good but I still worry!)

The plow guy came after I was pretty much done so I didn’t need his services this time (my own masculinity remains intact if my back is a little sore – lol). I’ll be on the heating pad tonight! I’m only half kidding – it really isn’t that bad. Just want to get LD home as healthy and as soon as possible.

Thanks for the Repost!

You may notice that I’ve moved this site over to a https URL instead of the less secure http that I’ve been using. So you may need to update your bookmarks but probably not. I’m not collecting any information from visitors, not doing e-commerce or anything like that, it’s just a prudent thing to do.

I just heard my New Years Eve skating photo from a few days ago was featured on NECN. Pretty cool. For some reason they don’t seem to be notifying anymore, just showing on tv. I wouldn’t have known about it but a woman I used to work with back in my AutoCAD drafting days saw it and commented the news to me.

I just picked up and finished reading Fauci: Expect the Unexpected. Easy read. That’s my first book on 2022. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more reading this year. I was horrified to learn that according to my Goodreads I had only read 5 books in 2021. Is that right? My average is around 25-30 books a year.

Getting Things Setup

Spent a part of yesterday getting things set up. For one, I finally got the AeroGarden up and running. Pretty cool how it uses hydroponics on a desktop type scale. What we didn’t realize is that the super bright light it uses to imitate sunlight will be on for 15 hours a day. I woke up early today to try to sync the lighting time with our daily schedule. We also set up LD’s professional website, the URL is up and we’re still working on the design and content style but all the admin stuff is installed and ready to go.

Here’s to Hope for 2022

Dec. 31, 2021 festivities

Spent a little bit of yesterday checking out the New Year Festivities down in the local town. I think this shot captured the night pretty well. LD helped me direct this shot btw! Ended the night with Starbucks’ hot chocolate, looking at some lights on people’s houses, watching television, eating shrimp cocktail, and just laying low. Strangely yesterday didn’t really feel like any particular special day to me, just seemed like a regular day in the end. Fell asleep on the couch but did wake up in time to see the ball drop in NYC, then right to bed. Been that kind of a year I guess, I think 2022 is going to be the year that we’re going to be back to normal going into the spring. High hopes!