Visiting Old State Hospitals and a Thumpertown Picture

Visiting Thumpertown Beach

Took a ride out this morning with LD to an appointment and come to find out it’s right near the old Westborough State Hospital. It’s closed now but you can walk around the grounds and it’s actually a pretty nice space by the lake and all. I even learned about a doctor there named Solomon Fuller who was instrumental in finding out about Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Some Good Apple Cider Chicken Cooking

Watched a documentary about the Sara Lawrence College Cult on Hulu last night. That was some crazy stuff. Just so mind boggling that people can control others in such a way. It’s three episodes long at the 1st one takes a little while to get interesting but then it’s quite the ride.

I wanted to try out a recipe I saw in a magazine that seemed pretty easy so tonight I gave it a shot. It’s basically a chicken with apples mix so nothing too earth shattering. As usual we had to replace an ingredient or two with something else because we were out of a particular item at this time but the replacements worked fine.

Couldn’t Save the Bird in the Fireplace

We heard sounds this afternoon of something flapping around in the fireplace. This had happened once before years ago and it was a crazy time with a bird flying through the house in a panic, smashing into windows and scaring the cat as I hit the floor as not to be divebombed. We tried calling various agencies but they were pretty much useless. By the time we decided how to go about trapping the bird, getting Carson squared away, and trying to figure out our plans it became too late. When I opened the grate to access the fireplace (which we don’t use and am pretty sure the flume is closed), I saw the little bird stuck underneath the metal thing that holds the logs. I scooped it out and it was breathing but it didn’t look good. We put it outside and I cleaned it off but the bird basically was a goner in a few minutes. At least I was there as it took it’s last breaths and I petted it’s little head (I was wearing gloves of course) so at least it didn’t die alone. We feel terrible but that’s the way of the world sometimes. I ended up burying it and saying a prayer.

Serenity Among the Water in a Sea of Blue

What was up with all the traffic today? Anyways, not too much has been going on, hence the lack of updates. I did put a trampoline together over the weekend, so there’s that. My Fitbit says I’ve achieved climbing up 14,000 flights of stairs thus far since I started recording three years ago. Other than that, it’s been business as usual, but there are some fun things coming up so look for those updates soon.

The above picture is now available in the store if anybody would like to have it adorn their spaces.

Could have Used Some Buoys Yesterday

I did my best to avoid the rain yesterday. There was one moment where a tornado warning was issued, so I just sat in the car until the rain stopped. Lots of spots in town flooded, and one car got stuck in two feet of water beneath an underpass, but by early afternoon, the sun had come out and it was scorching. Yesterday, I definitely worked for the money. Actually, I’m still a little fatigued from it all.

I Did It Again

Cruising under the Zakim
Another BTS shot!

I had to run down to Earth-1 today and while I was there, I was figuring, since it was a rather cool day out, that I’d go and do a quick bike ride down the GLX and get some exercise in. So that’s one of the things that happened today. While I was there i think I saw the next door neighbor’s kid brother out on her patio but I can’t figure out if it was him, how he got there. He doesn’t exactly live close to her. Mysteries to ponder. Also the guys putting in the foundation for the new condo development behind the garage have toppled over a tree that was back there but it’s actually good because that was basically just a giant weed. We do need to be careful though that they don’t mess up the back of the garage, which admittedly, is a very old edifice.

Tonight I’ll make some dinner and get ready for tomorrow’s shift. Lovely, I hear it’s supposed to rain on me again. The rain gear is getting a lot of use this week! Also tomorrow I need to find some time to maybe finally hit the home improvement store and get the items that I still didn’t get and perhaps put together a rather large contraption. (Long story).

Find Time to Stop and Admire Nature All Around

Here’s a great shot I took a few months ago that people really seem to enjoy, so I thought I’d put it up again. I may go back there soon just to see how things look now, maybe the place looks cool in different seasons. We’ll see.

After my shift today I ran so many errands it seemed. I was pretty busy either returning stuff to Amazon at Whole Foods, running to CVS, paying a bill and mailing it out at the post office, dropping off some food for the local pantry, receiving a humongous package from DHL which I imagine I’ll have to put together (but more on that another time, like, maybe tomorrow).

Another reason I put that particular photo up is that it gave me an opportunity to think that every now and then, we need to stop and admire the world around us. remember it’s not the world that sucks, it’s certain people in it that make it seem that way sometimes. And also that I feel blessed to live in an area that has a lot of scenic sights, if you just stop to look once in a while.

The Case of the Dory Boat to Nubble

Had a dentist appointment this morning and it was all good but apparently I do have a cavity starting to creep up on me so I’ll need to get a filling next month. No big deal but just something I’ll need to have addressed.

Here’s apic of the Nubble Light that I took. I think this one features a rather unique angle, and I was lucky that the dory that the lightkeeper uses to get to the lighthouse just happened to be up on the rocks.

I Get Dressed Up Now and Then

We went to a memorial for a friend’s husband who died recently in town yesterday. We were invited to attend a memorial service honoring his life and legacy. It was a nice get-together, and it provided me an opportunity to dress up a little. The meal was delicious, as it always is at the OCC, and the event was well attended. This man truly touched many individuals and I was honored to be able to come.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

– Orson Welles

Round Hill Beach Day Number 2

Can you correctly identify these four creatures?

We had so much fun the other day, we had to go back yesterday and do it all over again. This time the waves were better and we basically ended up staying there until closing, Once again, thanks to LD’s friend for allowing us to use her resident pass so we could access this private beach. For lunch we munched on a Jersey Mike’s but one thing I learned is you have to eat there kind of with your food hidden, because the gulls are pretty aggressive. In fact on Thursday before I knew this I was divebombed by one of them trying to get the sandwich out of my hand! It basically crashed into my head but ended up empty handed.

I have so much yard work and gardening maintenance to do today and I want to do it but my body is tired and I don’t feel like it. Two beach days in a row apparently take a lot out of me these days. I’ll try to force myself in a little bit, at least to do a little.

A Beautiful Bristol Birthday Lunch Day for the Ages

We took an afternoon trip down to beautiful Bristol RI and I got to have a nice lunch by the water. We saw some herons and egrets too. I ended up getting a Del’s Lemonade Cucumber Spritz with Vodka and a nice Seafood Linguine. I would recommend this place called the Beach House. I found my dish to be super delicious.

The before heading back we took a detour to stop by Like No Udder down in Providence to get some ice cream and slush goodies.

I also got some cool books, and a neat bamboo cutting board that includes different mats for cutting different types of foods on top of it, which will replace the current cutting board I’ve been using for a long time now.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday! First thing I got out of the way was my morning shift. I ended up being a rainy morning so I got a little drenched but it’s all part of the job. I also played a lottery ticket while I was doing my route. Nicely, the sun came out in the afternoon so the whole day wasn’t a washout.

This evening, LD took me out for a nice dinner over at Seasons 52, as part of their Dine Out Boston week, Yum!

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A Busy but Relaxing Weekend

Gateway to Nauset

Been kind of a busy and yet relaxing weekend. We had some folks over on Saturday and I got to ride in their new electric luxury BMW. That thing was pretty crazy with the way the instrument panel is and all the geeky electronic stuff. Sunday was a day of relaxing, grilling and using the firepit to read by.

Enjoy another pic of Nauset Light! It’s National Lighthouse Day afterall!

A Friday in the Middle of Summer

One of my latest summer shots from the Cape.

I think we saw two squirrels having sex this morning in the back yard. I mean, they were rolling around each other in a display that we have never seen before in our lives. I suppose they could have been playing but I don’t know. It was quite a scene.

According to the weather reports, it was supposed to rain all day today, however it’s been nothing but sunny here. Which is good, because I purchased a bunch of new firefly lights for the back yard. I think I’m going to have them line the back fence. I think it’ll look pretty cool. I also bought some more ink for my photo printer. I do like to print out a lot of my photos and place them in sort of a portfolio.

Kitchen Cooking and Free Pizza

I finally got to use the new kitchen and cook my first meal since it’s been over a month. Been trying to keep the countertops clear of things and everything nice and neat. Just did a simple shrimp and rice dish. I’ll be cooking up a ricotta stuffed meatloaf dish tonight. Get to break in some new kitchen pots and pans and baking sheets, etc. Hopefully I haven’t been making too much of a mess and horrifying LD – lol). I shot a new video of the finished kitchen but I’m not sure if I’ll just leave it in production for our personal use.

I did hit the center of town late this afternoon for the National Night Out, where you get to meet the local police and all. I ate two slices of pizza and got the see the newest recruit to the force, a puppy named Sally. I knew a lot of the officers there since I work along side them these days. Looked like a very nice time. (Confession: It’s true, I mostly went for the free pizza).

I noticed the mourning doves next door must have had their babies. I saw one hanging with it’s mother in the nest, although by this point it looks about half the size of the parent and is fully formed and all that. Coloring looks like the juveniles we saw before. I’m not sure if these birds use the same nest over and over but it appears that this couple does.

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