Scaries Season

It’s scary season, or just about. The cat and I are in charge of ourselves for a few days as LD hangs out with her friend down by the southern coast. We did have a nice get together the day her plane landed. We cooked dinner together, made a really good potato gratin actually, and hung out by the firepit (this was on Thursday). But now they’re away so it’s all about getting lit and eating sh*t! (not really). I’m really digging this new watch – it’s amazing at how powerful it is. Now I can never go back.

Oh, I’m Just Going to Hang Out for a Spell

Woke up to see this creature just hanging out on the back patio this morning!

I’m really digging my new Samsung Smartwatch. It’s really cool how it integrates so seamlessly with the phone. I suppose it’s similar to what the Apple Watch does with the iPhone.

Been playing around with some more AI image generation tools. Here’s a cute thing of Carson I was playing around with.

Going on a Hayride with Baby Goats

It may look like I’m walking a goat, but Ralphie here was actually walking me!

Going on a hayride with baby goats? And then walking them after? Hell, yes! Thankful that all the rain we were supposed to have pretty much held out for most of the day up in Georgetown, Massachusetts! Good memories were made this day my friends! You can click on any photo below for a bigger look.

I ended up buying a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 so the Fitbit is out. It just arrived so I’m off to mess with it now and see how it compares and what other cool things I can do with it.

Two Days of Whacking

Thatcher Island Lighthouse rises up from the fog of the morning. Rockport, MA

Haven’t been able to update over the last day or so because I took it upon myself to get rid of some giant rose shrub like monstrosities that had taken over over the years and needed to go. So I hacked away at it when I could and then most of the time was cutting it all up into smaller pieces and getting them into lawn bags. It probably would have went a whole lot faster if these things didn’t have these nasty little thorns all over them. Well, into day two of the project I finally finished. I think that was quite an accomplishment for myself. Oh, there were like 4 bird nests in there as well. Thankfully they were all empty.

Unfortunely it appears my Fitbit Versa 2 has finally died for good. I know it’s just the battery but they don’t support replacing them plus it doesn’t seem worth the hassle. So no0w I have a conundrum. Do I get another Versa 2 (mine did last almost 4 years) and keep my stats and all from all that time OR do I go and get a Galaxy Watch which would integrate with my Samsung cell and such so much better. I think I’m leaning toward the Galaxy but I hate to lose that 8 million plus step count. For the record I burned 3,600 calories and over 412 active minutes yesterday hacking down the shrubs! Maybe that’s what put the Fitbit finally over the edge!

Tuesday Starts the Tasks for the Week

Today’s never seen before image from the archives. Gloucester, MA

Headed down to the home improvement store after my morning rounds and picked up some things. Firewood for the pit, safety goggles and gloves for the battery maintenance I’d like to get to this week, and some lawn bags. I wanted top get some flood lightbulbs to replace some of the ones in the parlor but I see they only carry the LED versions now. I wasn’t sure of the comparison so I decided to wait a bit on that until I can do more research on an equivalent replacement. They also seemed to be out of this BBQ grill spray from Weber that I like to use. I may need to go to Amazon to replenish that.

Tomorrow between my rounds I really want to tackle all the outside stuff, get rid of weeds, check on the pumpkins, mow the lawns, clean out the firepit, etc. etc.

Currently Reading: This one finally came through on my Libby after waiting for months, Drinking Games. It’s about alcoholism. Currently Watching: Watched two documentaries on the Hart family tragedy. I’m not sure how I had not heard about this story before. Broken Harts was one we watched on Max which has better production value but first we saw one on Tubi called A Thread of Deceit. Pretty fascinating story but tragic all the same and it brings up some interesting questions now looking back about the child care system.

Feeling Zen on a Late September Saturday

Zen rock structures at Rexhame Beach 9/17/23.

Took a trip to Rexhame Beach yesterday, it was kinda crazy how warm it actually was outside so we wanted to get some sun and fresh sea air. The hurricane was long gone and it pretty much missed us entirely but the waves were still a bit high, though nothing like the day before.

One the way home LD treated us to some Gerard’s turkey sandwich dinners. Yum! Then I watched her at the pool at the gym because she wanted to get some swim time in. They had just finished putting the pool cover over the rooftop in preparation for the colder weather. It basically is like a big tent.

For dinner I grilled up some burgers and a squash that we grew. We learned of a new way to prepare the squash on the grill. Basically just cut it in half lengthwise and grill it flat side down until down. Lot less prep than slicing it into rounds and putting in foil.

In the evening I painted one of my fingernails on each hand. Why? Just to be a little artsy I guess. Keep people thinking. We’ll see if it stays around but in a weird way, I am kind of liking it – it’s so not generally me.

I want to get through a bunch of stuff this week in anticipation of a house guest coming next week for a few days, I definitely want to get more wood for the firepit, do some mowing and some landscaping. I want to try to tackle taking down at least some of this weird rose bushy tree like thing that used to be nice but has overtaken too much and needs to go. I also need to buy some goggles and gloves as I want to tackle refilling the backup battery for the sump pump in the basement. Safety first!

Great Day to Make Some Beautiful Music

Today’s main image is from a bouquet of Poms I got for LD to commemorate her coming home from a two day trip last week as a surprise. I especially like how I set up the shadows to photograph this one, using light and darkness in such a way. The Pom flower is in the same genetic family that includes both chrysanthemums and daisies. We added the dahlia that we grew later to the center of it. There’s a couple more of them outside that I may pick later on and place into another vase just for themselves. Then I’ll dig out the tubers and store them over the winter again. These are the ones that I replant every spring and they just keep going. Pretty cool how that works.

Back in my music playing days

Around lunchtime, I drove over to Beth Israel Needham to dispose of some old medication. Did you know you can just put them in a box in the lobby to get rid of them? Another nice feature is that there’s another box right next to that one where you can dispose of any sharps you have, which I did as well. The last time I was there, I noticed these boxes and made a mental note to return later to get rid of these meds we’ve had lying around for who knows how long. It felt good to finally get rid of them safely.

I also returned some other woman’s meds that we know who wanted to get rid of hers, so I got it all done at once. You used to be able to get rid of them at the police station nearby (but not the sharps), but they got rid of that for some reason.

I am starting to really get sick of all the rain we’ve been having. Can you relate? Speaking of water, have you ever added distilled water to a sump pump battery? I just found out I need to do that to the sump pump battery in the basement as the sensor is going off alerting us to that particular issue.

Oh, in my photo “memories” today this one from a few years ago of me playing piano in front of Bentley College came up, surrounded by some adoring fans. Have to admit that was a pretty good day. Comment if you think you know what song I was actually playing. If you’re right I might send you a little surprise gift.


Today was the afternoon that I had to go have my dentist filling appointment. I’m happy to say that it was pretty quick and they didn’t even have to numb me up or anything. Just took the drill, carved out some stuff and filled it in with some amalgam of silver. Now I’m back to my regularly scheduled six month checkups, the next which will be in February. What a relief. I knew it wasn’t going to a be a big deal but I’ve always had some anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. Most be due to my experiences when I was a kid.

On the garden front some things are coming to an end, yet other things are going great guns. For some reason, our marigolds this year really took off. I’ve never seen bushed of them so big. And “Roger”, the pumpkin, is appearing to get a number of younger siblings. We’ll have to wait and see if they all take. We also did pretty good with the squashes this year and have used a couple in our cooking over the summer.

Of Cobblestone Streets

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA. Photo by me.

Currently Reading: What the Dead Know: Learning About Life as a New York City Death Investigator. This is actually something LD read so I’m picking it up.

Ended up watching a story about Nan Goldin last night on Max. I was more interested in the part about how she took down the Sacklers, but it was all pretty interesting. I don’t really understand those art types but there’s no doubt that her demonstrations against the Sacklers was really powerful.

Pretty Hot for a Thursday

“Orleans Sunrise” by me!

Currently Reading: The Combat Zone: Murder, Race, and Boston’s Struggle for Justice. This will be my 37th book read for the year thus far! That Art Thief book I just read was pretty good. Pretty amazing how that guy could steal so much. This dude was different from other thieves though in that he never had any thoughts of selling any of the ill gotten gains, just hung them around his room in his mom’s house.

Gametime: Hole. This one will make you think!.

Work Hard so I Can Play Hard

Gloucester Parade of Sail

I was able to get all the yard work done today, in the heat of the day even! It was hot but maybe I just got used to it, I didn’t have any problem. I also grilled up some burgers and chicken right after (this was probably around 3 in the afternoon). I also got a bunch of things done around the house so it was a productive laborious labor day for me! Actually it serves me right for being such a beach bum yesterday.

This picture is one that I took from Gloucester’s Parade of Sail festivities in the harbor which happens every Labor Day Weekend.

Currently reading: The Art Thief: A True Story of Love, Crime, and a Dangerous Obsession.

Currently Watching: Dark Side of the Ring. On Vice. I was never into professional wrestling but watching what became of it’s stars is pretty tragic and yet fascinating to hear.

Home for Some Quick Updates

Just a little quick update in some photos to explain the week.

First up is this picture I took of the Nauset Light. Now since it’s September, it’s the time of the year that my Duxbury photo is featured in their official calendar . Green Harbor is closing for the season on Monday so we had to get in one last lobster roll for the summer. These two hawks better leave our bunnies alone!

Planning on doing a firepit tonight so there could be an update to this post afterwards and there’s something big happening tomorrow.

Gametime: One Many Nobody – cool puzzle game where you need to clone yourself to escape the levels.