Just a Juvenile Junk Food Junkie

Hope you all have a great day!

Ended up getting a bunch of things done today, most in anticipation of LD’s birthday. Checked out a bakery that specializes in dairy free and vegan pastries which is kinda cool and is only down the street to boot. I also bought some flowers and have been putting together a little something for her upcoming birthday. It was rather nice out today weather-wise, felt good to be in the sun while out in the field and out and about all day. I was able to get a lot of it done but there’s always more I could do! And hopefully will over time – it’s going to be a year long celebration.

For dinner tonight I’m going to try my hand at crafting an Asian type dish using furikake, a Japanese seasoning. Expanding our taste bud horizons you might say. For the longest time growing up you wouldn’t even see me eat a vegetable, just a juvenile junk food junkie. One can only get so much nutrition from pizza and mac and cheese and Campbell soup and chips. I still love and eat all those things but they’re not the only things anymore. Over time I guess I grew up and wanted to try new tastes on my palette and that’s been a good thing. I’m still never eating pea soup though.