Home for Some Quick Updates

Just a little quick update in some photos to explain the week.

First up is this picture I took of the Nauset Light. Now since it’s September, it’s the time of the year that my Duxbury photo is featured in their official calendar . Green Harbor is closing for the season on Monday so we had to get in one last lobster roll for the summer. These two hawks better leave our bunnies alone!

Planning on doing a firepit tonight so there could be an update to this post afterwards and there’s something big happening tomorrow.

Gametime: One Many Nobody – cool puzzle game where you need to clone yourself to escape the levels.

Visiting Old State Hospitals and a Thumpertown Picture

Visiting Thumpertown Beach

Took a ride out this morning with LD to an appointment and come to find out it’s right near the old Westborough State Hospital. It’s closed now but you can walk around the grounds and it’s actually a pretty nice space by the lake and all. I even learned about a doctor there named Solomon Fuller who was instrumental in finding out about Alzheimer’s Disease.

Currently Watching: On Max – Murder on Middle Beach. Other- Blue Bloods reruns parts of Seasons 10,11,12.

Serenity Among the Water in a Sea of Blue

What was up with all the traffic today? Anyways, not too much has been going on, hence the lack of updates. I did put a trampoline together over the weekend, so there’s that. My Fitbit says I’ve achieved climbing up 14,000 flights of stairs thus far since I started recording three years ago. Other than that, it’s been business as usual, but there are some fun things coming up so look for those updates soon.

The above picture is now available in the store if anybody would like to have it adorn their spaces.

A Busy but Relaxing Weekend

Gateway to Nauset

Been kind of a busy and yet relaxing weekend. We had some folks over on Saturday and I got to ride in their new electric luxury BMW. That thing was pretty crazy with the way the instrument panel is and all the geeky electronic stuff. Sunday was a day of relaxing, grilling and using the firepit to read by.

Enjoy another pic of Nauset Light! It’s National Lighthouse Day afterall!

A Friday in the Middle of Summer

One of my latest summer shots from the Cape.

I think we saw two squirrels having sex this morning in the back yard. I mean, they were rolling around each other in a display that we have never seen before in our lives. I suppose they could have been playing but I don’t know. It was quite a scene.

According to the weather reports, it was supposed to rain all day today, however it’s been nothing but sunny here. Which is good, because I purchased a bunch of new firefly lights for the back yard. I think I’m going to have them line the back fence. I think it’ll look pretty cool. I also bought some more ink for my photo printer. I do like to print out a lot of my photos and place them in sort of a portfolio.

Water Shoes and Wellfleet and Sunset Slivers

Forgot to mention my new water shoes! I purchased them back last September but finally had a chance to try them out at the beach yesterday. They are amazing! Anyways if you’re interested, search amazon for the Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes.

Today was a little more low key. Mostly just a trip out to Wellfleet for lunch and then back here for pool time. I overdid it a little bit at the beach yesterday but then again, it WAS one of the best days of my life EVER. I do feel somewhat drained however.

After the pool we headed to Crosby for a sunset (or what was left of it that we could see – just a sliver through the clouds). Wrap up with a trip to the Sparrow for my go to Nectar of the Gods drink, the hot choc with soy milk. I did p[ick up a book from a little library there but I don’t know if I’ll read it. Basically a bunch of short moral stories. I’ll list the title here later as it’s in the car right now and I don’t remember the title offhand.

Update: The title is The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories and it’s over 800 pages, although the stories themselves only appear to be a page or two generally.

One of Our Best Days on the Cape

Did you ever have a few days were there was so much packed in you couldn’t describe it all successfully?

That’s pretty much what I’m feeling right now. I did head back to Earth-1 on Monday Night to do my work shift on Tuesday morning but by the afternoon I was back. I grilled some burgers with the charcoal grill, we swam and swam. Harding’s Beach on Wednesday afternoon was particularly awesome. The water was warm, the waves were high, and I was having a blast. I think we all ended up staying there from like 1:30 to 6:30.

And of Course by the end of the day you have to check out the sunsets.

Although the sunsets so far have been a bit on the cloudy side, minus those amazing shots I got from Rock Harbor earlier in the week. The weather down here has simply been spectacular this week. I think it’s the best it’s ever been for us.

This morning I walked around some conservation land.

They had a pretty cool layout there and included this very Zen looking area. There’s just too much for me to process right now so here’s just a few pics from today.

I’ll Remember Every Moment, These Endless Summer Nights

Endless Summer Nights

“Seaweed just went up my nose!” is a quote I overheard today from some kid playing in the seaweed at West Dennis Beach. I can honestly say that that is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say that, so me being me, I had to make a mental note of it and share that with you all. So to recap today we slept in, then pretty much headed down to the beach and spent a good chunk of time there. I finally got to try out the Beau Jarden cart we got last fall and it worked flawlessly. So much easier to cart all our stuff around in. Anyways, I went in the water, LD went in a couple of times, and then I dried out in the sun and it pretty much wiped me out when we were done. I was so tired. But I rallied after some time to rest up and then we headed out to see a sunset. We chose Rock Harbor and this is one of the shots that I took tonight. This time I decided to walk further down along the marshy area then I have in the past. I covered myself up appropriately so that I wouldn’t get eaten by any bugs too badly and that was a smart move by me. This isn’t my first rodeo! What’s really cool about this pic is how the sun’s reflection kind of forms the shape of a heart! Then we went for ice cream and I got a burger. Now I’m uploading this to the website and going to chill the rest of the night.

I also wanted to mentioned that I learned today of some sad news. One of our favorite goats at the Sanctuary we visit recently passed away. This goat was special in that he was the goat that had been there the longest, 16 or years, and he was always such a sweetheart to us. He loved to be brushed too. RIP Eustis. We love you.

Sunfire Nights

Yeah! The sink is back up and running. Most of the morning was spent dealing with all that stuff. Even got a new disposal out of the deal. As usual there were a few snags here and there but everything was figured out. In the meantime, enjoy these two pics I’ve taken. I may end up doing something special with the bottom shot, if there’s sufficient interest in it.

Happy First Day of Summah!

Happy Summah (Boston pronunciation of summer) Solstice

Today was a busy day, and this entire week has been quite busy. I went and brought back every countertop sample we had looked at to the various outlets that deal with that sort of thing. Surprisingly, the actual countertops will be installed on Friday. Now that’s service! It helps to know people and have connections, for sure! The new ceiling fan is installed, and the dishwasher is almost ready to use, thanks to the electrician who visited today. There was a slight blip when he had to cut some power and the internet went out but it was back up fairly quickly. Just unfortunate timing for some of us. The new cabinets look great with the crown molding covering their tops. Since the job began, I have been snapping a few photos every day so that we can track its development. What a fantastic transformation this is becoming!

I went ahead and replaced one the outdoor lights by the door since it hadn’t lit up in while. At first we thought it might be an electrical issue, but a new bulb appears to have solved the problem. I also planted some potatoes in a raised bed, an experiment for now.

Additionally, today marks the official beginning of summer, my favorite season of all! I mean, how else could I get such amazing images from the Cape, like this one I’ve added here, without the arrival of summer? Pluses: beach, no jackets, late sunsets. Minuses: bugs, sunburn, annoying next door neighbors kids’ pool parties.

Currently Watching: Crack Addicts. A show about people visiting this chiropractor and she cracks their backs and such. The sound though! urgg!

Catching Up Time!

Currently Reading: Once Upon a Prime: The Wondrous Connections Between Mathematics and Literature.

Been a little busy working my shifts and all so that’s why I haven’t had much time to post lately but I still wanted to get up some shots that I had taken. My heart health must be really good now with all this exercise I’ve been getting. In the meantime I’ve taken to grilling as much as I can. Salmon, burgers, dawgs, corn, vegetables, etc. etc. I can’t wait until this kitchen remodel is done! However, I will say, it has really made us think and stretch out what we have.

Isn’t this photo pretty cool. I happened to take it on a very windy day down at Nauset Beach in Orleans, which is a part of Cape Cod, if you didn’t know. I’ve had this one sitting around for a while but finally decided to share it up. Those waves were really big that day. Probably can’t see from the photo but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were over at least 10′ tall that day if not more.

Happy Unofficial Start of Summer!

Happy Start of Summer

Hope everyone is having a Great Memorial Day Holiday. We’ve been having quite the time. You never realize how great a kitchen sink is until you don’t have one! We’ve been making do with my grilling and sometimes some takeout though so it’s all good. Things are moving right along on that front and proceeding quickly. Working on the ceiling right now. Backsplash has been picked out – a nice blue colored hexagonal pattern that we think will look really great against the new white cabinets.

Also been sprucing up the patios with various plants that have been purchased. Looks really nice. I’m back to my daily routine of watering everything in the late afternoon. Supposed to hit the old landlady’s place for a BBQ she invited us to today, so maybe we’ll do that after checking out some more plants at the nursery.

Paying It Forward

Good memories and to making a lot more

I went off to the local food pantry and dropped off a bunch of items this morning. While there I also happened to pick up a lily plant to replace the one that I supposedly killed over the winter this year, although on my defense I did keep it alive for a couple of years longer than otherwise and I did try to revive it. Anyways I thought it a nice gesture to replace it for LD and also as a coming home gift that she can replant on Sunday if she so wishes. I’ll try to take better care of this one!

I do enjoy all the memories we create together. We’ve seen a lot and hope to see much more and continue to enrich eachother!

The power went out here for a couple of hours in the late afternoon which was super annoying btw.

Purple Skies for Sunset

Been kind of busy over the last couple of days so updates here have been a little slim. Bit if you’re interested in what’s been happening here’s areal quick rundown. Hosting a BBQ over the weekend, getting plants from a farm for the containers and the gardening, getting some free flowers from a MD day promotion at Lowe’s, hanging out with my mom and sis on MD and watching the Celtics put the smack down on the Sixers in a Game 7 extravaganza!

We’ve been watching a Baltimore Oriole flying around here lately. We think it might have made a nest in a tree in the back yard, which I find pretty cool.

Currently Reading: Another one on the docket! Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues.

Chasing Sunsets in the Time We Have

Forever Chasing Sunsets

Chasing sunsets is one of the most romantic and captivating experiences we can ever have. Watching the sun slowly set on the horizon, painting the sky with beautiful hues of oranges, pinks, and yellows is absolutely awe-inspiring. It’s a natural spectacle that everyone should experience as often as possible in this lifetime. Chasing sunsets is not just about watching the sun go down. It’s about traveling to new and exciting places, exploring different cultures, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’s about taking time off from our busy lives and allowing ourselves to be in awe of the beauty of the world. When you chase sunsets, every moment is magical. You sit back, relax, and take in the beauty that surrounds you. The calmness of the evening breeze, the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore, and the gentle rustle of leaves on trees all add to the experience. It is an experience that connects you to nature and gives you a sense of peace and tranquility that is hard to describe in words. Chasing sunsets is a reminder that life is beautiful, and there is so much to be grateful for. It helps us to appreciate the small things in life and be present in the moment. Sometimes, all we need is a little sunset chase to remind us that the world is indeed a beautiful place, and that there is always something to look forward to.

There Goes the Sun This Weekend

Osprey nest!
The “Map Chest!”

Not too much sun this weekend, there it goes down below the horizon. I’ve had this shot just laying around for a while, figured I might as well put it up. Also decided to put up this shot again that I took of an Osprey nest, just because it’s pretty cool.

Yesterday was a nice day though, took a trip out to Franklin to pick up a surprise. LD got me a solid wooden chest that is surrounded with an old map of the Earth motif, because of my map making heritage years. Now I just need to decide where to place it in the home and what to actually store in it. It’s not really a chest, although it looks like one, more like a cabinet on stands, rather interesting piece actually. Guess the folks who were getting rid of it are moving to Texas so the less stuff they have to bring with them, the more economically feasible. Their loss, our gain.

Before that though we took a quick trip to the kitchen cabinet place. Pretty cool how you can see a three dimensional rendering of what the update will look like. Looks like this is going to happen!

This morning we couldn’t help noticing one of the bunnies eating some of the phlox we have growing in a pot on the patio. Cute, but destructive little creatures.

Did you ever hear of your former coworkers passing away? Seems to be I’m starting to hear this a little more and more lately. Within in the three years now I’ve heard of two. Sad. They were great people too.

I need to stay up till after midnight tonight to get in on some Lowe’s deal and get my name in there for some free swag. Wish me luck.