Finally Made the Big Time

Finally made something onto! You can click the image above to see it as well as some other images from other photographers.

I put in my Powerball and Mass Millions tickets. I don’t usually play but when the pot is that high, you have to at least put one in just on the off chance. I’d be more satisfied with the lesser prizes actually.

My knee is still bugging me, definitely think it’s due to the current weather. I rested it a bunch last night and it does feel better, so… progress.

The rest of the day was quite productive. We picked up a free bookcase that someone on a group was giving away, as well as getting supplies and groceries from Target and Wegmans. We needed to rearrange some of the furniture to make room for the new bookcase but it was needed as there’s many books here that needed to be stored properly. We also watched the movie Gotti on Tubi but it is pretty awful.

2021 Year End Review

A picture’s worth a thousand words they say, so here are some of the highlights from the past year. 2021 wasn’t totally terrible, and there were some really high points, but 2022 looks to be really special and hopefully will also be better in so many ways. We can hope!

Photo Descriptions:

  1. Started off the year with the annual tradition of going to the beach on New Years Day. This was taken in Marshfield.
  2. Same as 1 above.
  3. Took a trip into Boston for something and had some eats from Luke’s Lobsters. On the way I snapped this pic.
  4. “Auggie”, a different looking wild rabbit that appeared only that one time during Inauguration time. Wonder what it’ story was. Didn’t seem like the regular kind of wild rabbits we have here.
  5. A pic along York, Maine
  6. Another pic of the Nubble from a different angle. I liked getting the perspective of the bench in this one, thought it made it stand out a bit differently.
  7. A shot of the Powderhouse in winter
  8. Another edited version of number 6.
  9. A shot of the Powderhouse area rotary and it’s cool sign back in winter.
  10. Nauset Light down at the Cape. This is the first time that I saw that a cottage next door was available for rent which we would later take advantage of, unbeknownst to me at the time.
  11. Another Nauset shot from this time period (possibly March)
  12. Another bunny decided to have it’s children in the pot on the deck, second year in a row – hope we can go for three!
  13. Someone was inspired to paint Nauset based on my photo in number 11. First time that I know of that my art inspired someone else to take it and create something else out of it.
  14. Shiloh the shy bunny. One of the children of Gracie, the bunny depicted in shot 12.
  15. Staying and the Viewpoint Inn in Maine which had these incredible views of the Nubble from it’s back yard area. Want to stay here again.
  16. Me in the car?
  17. Rango, LD’s soul goat, sadly passed away.
  18. An evening stroll one night at Jamaica Pond got us this shot.
  19. That’s me up in Salisbury under the docks after getting my second Covid shot. At that time, we thought that might be all there was to it.
  20. Boardwalk walks up on Plum Island.
  21. Another Salisbury Beach scene.
  22. Staying next door to the Nauset Light in a a cottage was quite a thrill and allowed me to get this wonderful photo as the sun started rising.
  23. My love of Pemaquid payed off when the moderator of a lighthouse group made this the cover photo for the month.
  24. Another hike on the Cape allowed us to capture this little walkway over a marsh.
  25. Skaket Beach
  26. Skaket Beach
  27. Visiting LD’s old boss and her husband in RI got us this picture shortly after.
  28. See 15 above for the story.
  29. Two juvenile hawks that we born around the house and kept screaming for weeks.
  30. The house next door to Earth-1 being torn down for more condo development, Sad.
  31. Hanging with baby goats and snuggles in RI.
  32. Staying at a farmhouse with an attached Alpaca farm was quite a different treat. I learned a lot about alpaca husbandry on this trip and the place was actually pretty cool.
  33. Looking at various lotus flowers at a place were we obtained special strains of hostas for planting. Looking forward to see how they produce this coming year.
  34. Cape summer trip. What I feel one of my better shots from the summer trip. Gray’s Boardwalk.
  35. Birthday trip!
  36. Plum Island again
  37. Lots of trips to Marshfield and got many a lobster roll at a place across the street from where this shot was taken.
  38. Lavellete NJ trip. It became my second favorite place in NJ behind Cape May!
  39. Me and my well endowed pencil. No pencil envy here!
  40. Another beach shot.
  41. Duxbury Beach boardwalk, another favorite beach location for walks and hangs this year.
  42. Staying at an Airbnb in Arundel, Maine.
  43. Under the lights at the Boathouse in Kennebunkport, ME.
  44. On a boat in KBP.
  45. Carson and Peng for the holidays.

More in-depth notes on above:

There were so many beach walks and hangs this year I can’t remember them all. Most of them were either to Duxbury or Marshfield, usually on a weekend day. Just to hang and walk mostly. A couple of times we used our chairs to sit out in the summer or even actually went into the water but many of the trips were just to walk.

The main lighthouses that we hug around this year were at Nubble Light in Maine (always a classic – staying right across from it away from the tourists was also a treat) and Nauset Light in Eastham down on the Cape. It was really cool this year to stay in a cottage right next door to the light and the beach was literally across the street. It also helped that it’s on a private dirt road so there weren’t many people around in that particular area. 10-10 would do again. Plus the place was so cute!

Getting our shots was big this year, for me it was a couple of trips up to Amesbury because that’s where I could get an appointment at that time, so we made the best of it by exploring the neighboring sights afterwards like Salisbury Reservation and Plum Island.

It was cool that baby wildlife decided to grace us with their presence, baby bunnies born in a pot for the second year in a row and didn’t mind Carson watching them. I think he was more their protector than an adversary if you can believe that. Baby hawks too, very majestic, but hopefully never found Shiloh and company. Shiloh, the last baby bunny that was scared to leave after all his siblings did. LD was kind enough to put out some water and a lettuce plant for him. The next day, two nibbles off the plant, two little poops, and he was gone to live his adventures. I do admit to having empty nest syndrome every time they leave us.

Staying on an Alpaca farm was pretty cool, in rural Connecticut with family. Learned a lot, also a bit of fly swatting which can be annoying. And got to hang with baby goats which is always a pleasure.

Celebrated my birthday on the Cape. Special times there and stayed in a pretty cool Airbnb called the Osprey Nest because it feels like its up in the trees. Although the place was a little small, it literally had everything you could possibly need. Plus they had this cool booth that I would use in the kitchen area. 10-10 would stay again. I feel I get some of the best pictures I ever take down on the Cape for whatever reason. It’s a beautiful area but there’s something more that I can’t place why.

Our one outing to New Jersey this year was at another BnB (BnB’s were big this year for us – expanding choices) in Lavalette, a cute little beach town. It was a bit downcast and windy while we were there but it was still pretty cool. I enjoyed the area so much that it’s my #2 of my fav places in that state. It just seemed to have it all to me, easy access to whatever you need, a beautiful beach and boardwalk, not really busy at all (and if you want that you could drive to the next down over – Seaside Heights). That particular trip didn’t exactly work out as planned but I enjoyed it.

The last BnB and most recent was in Arundel, Maine. Stayed there because the town of Kennebunkport was doing it’s annual Christmas Prelude. HGTV  featured the annual Kennebunkport celebration as the “#2 Christmas Town in America.” Plus we got to meet up with one of LD’s former colleagues and met the dogs Pippa and Boomer, and Boomer left quite an impression! Sailing up and down the Kennebunk River in a lobster boat while sipping coffee brandy on a sunny day was also rather enjoyable.

But as much as we enjoyed the few times away (choose to keep it rather low key due to the virus circulating, and were neurotic about being careful) staying at home was just as much so, whether with firepit outing with friends or just ourselves. Carson was also a really big help in that department as our mutual love him and for eachother kept us all sane.

I know I’m probably forgetting a bunch of stuff but these are the moments that I think were some of the high points, at least for me personally. I’d like to give all my love and thanks to LD for making it all happen and making me feel like the luckiest man alive every year.

One, Two, Three

One: Headed over to Earth-1 today. Spent the day. Ran a couple of errands. Had coffee. Visited the grave of my grandparents.

Two: Need to set up the AeroGarden we got for xmas. It’s this little container garden with its own lighting system that you use to grow herbs on the countertop.

Three: I seemed to have twisted my knee somehow again so it’s been kind of bugging me a little bit. Ah, the joys of aging. I’m going to lay on the couch and rest it as much as I can.

Spontaneous Monday

After running a bunch of errands early in the afternoon we had decided to lay low for the rest of the day. But then we got a call from a couple we know asking us if we’d be up for a firepit hang. So after some debate we said ok and we had a nice fire outside and we got to use the new heater for a second time and have learned that it actually throws really good heat and no one was cold. We also got to use up some of the alcohol that we’d purchased on xmas eve so that helped as well. With the last two outings now I’ve gone through all the wood so I’ll have to get more in the next day or two. It was nice to have some social time.

In the evening it was more season 3 of the O.C. binging. Approaching the end. However I’ve learned that there is now a podcast being run by two of the stars that discuss various classic episodes and have some of the actors and writers/producers on discussing various episodes and what not so I may tune in to that at the end just for fun (search for It’s the OC Bitches on YouTube or any podcast thing you use). I never saw this show back in the day, and the high point for me was the first half of season 1, but it’s still a good show that holds up even today.

For the Love of Sammy

For Sammy

Spent the afternoon walking along the beach and trails in Marshfield. Felt we had to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and maybe a little bit of exercise. After doing a little internet research I’ve discovered that all these various benches along the trail are actually dedicated after dogs. I don’t know who Sammy was but I can see that they were much loved by their owners.

A Quiet Xmas Day

A tree at Goose Rocks Beach

Had a nice quiet holiday yesterday. We opened our gifts (and even got a surprise! – Thanks L+D!) and baked cookies and watched some shows and ate meals. Carson made out quite well and I think all his excitement got to him as he ended up sleeping for most of the day after playing with his cat toys. It may not have been the usual holiday that we do (we didn’t see the littles this time around) but you have to make do with the best you can. And of course we missed those we could not share the holiday with.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals

Merry Merry to all!

So it looks like we have a little bit of snow on the ground today – looks good with just a little bit of white on the ground. LD had an acquaintance former trainee over this afternoon outside which gave us a chance to use the firepit again and to finally break in the outdoor heater. Ended up spending about 3 hours out there but even though it was a bit cold out we were actually quite toasty. Plus it was nice to have some company.

After that was all done we went out and got some takeout that had been pre-ordered a few days ago. Just feeling the Italian for a change instead of the usual ham blah blah blah. What a nice day! Merry merry to all!

Wrong Delivery

Lobster Trap Tree in Cape Porpoise, Maine

I awoke to a strange sight outside the house as I was getting ready to get in my car to go to work. There was a rather large package waiting in the driveway which for a second thought might be ours but upon further inspection was not, It appears to be some kind of water filtration device after googling the company name listed on the box and appears to be quite expensive. Anyway the address is nowhere close to ours (the number and street are nothing alike) and upon further investigation I believe it may possibly belong to someone either in another part of town or a different town altogether. Looking up the tracking number I’ve noticed someone put in a ticket to investigate. LD contacted UPS later to tell them about it (UPS is the WORST btw). I’ll just leave it where it is for now and see what happens.

I went vegetarian tonight and cooked up a white bean and swiss chard stew along with some parmesan garlic bread. Now swiss chard is not normally something as part of my repertoire but this actually came out pretty good!

A Night to Remember in an Igloo with Joy

Finally a fun night out in Boston! Down by the seaport! Meeting up with a friend and having a dinner by the water! (same friend we hung out with in Kennebunkport a little while ago. She lives in both places). In an igloo which was warm, ventilated, spacious, and fun! Would def. recommend and do again. It was cold outside though but nothing a New Englanders like us couldn’t handle (the eggnog cocktail warmed me up pretty good as well – as evidenced in pics #1 and 3 above – must have had something to do with the peanut butter whiskey). It did throw me for a little bit of a loop! Yeah, I was feeling pretty good by this point. The food was also quite tasty, I happened to go with the pumpkin ravioli and I really enjoyed it. The seaport is a really cool area now. Totally fun night!

Happy Gotcha Day (Plus Booster!)

Carson and his friend Peng

Three years ago today was the day that we were to meet Carson, the cat that had been living in a shelter in Millis for two months. I don’t know what is was about him when we saw his picture on the website but his big round eyes, dashing grey coat with white paws, and heart-shaped nose cuteness just spoke to us like he could be the one. Around noontime was the appointment and we arrived a little early. When we were finally introduced he looked a little scared at first, but not too bad. He allowed us to brush and pet him and play with him and it was almost like an instant connection. Yes, he is a bit shy and skittish at first, because it’s all new to him, but I could tell he will adjust really fast. I could tell he would be a gentle and friendly cat. Plus, he apparently loves face-scratches which is something LD had become an expert at with Oreo, so right there is a connection that could work for us. He’s shy (but I found not overly so) and he didn’t hiss or scratch, he seemed like a real catch. I knew we could love this cat and that he also had the capability to return the favor.

It was pretty much a done deal after spending some time with the little guy. Carson was getting an all expenses paid trip to his new forever home. After all the paperwork was signed, he got placed in the carrier and I let him say goodbye to his other cat friends at the shelter, who in their own way, probably felt bittersweet. Sad that he was leaving them, but happy that he could find a loving home to be in. I’m sure the volunteers who help out at the shelter felt the same way. Also, I have to say this shelter was amazing so I’m giving a plug to Purr-fect Cat Shelter. They are really a wonderful folks doing good work there so if you’re looking for cat, check them out.

So with that, I’m happy to say that Carson is now a member of the family, this grey and white handsome bundle of joy. Interestingly I had found a Xmas tree ornament while shopping at Target with his exact name on it. What are the odds of that? I don’t think that’s an everyday name but it does seem to suit him, so we’ll be keeping that. Naturally we ended up buying it, so I guess it was fate that he would be coming home with us. He’s since got a bunch of new ornaments with his picture proudly displayed on our tree.

He’s become quite comfortable with us now and his personality really shines through now. He loves to squawk and get brushing, he loves to play with his toys, he likes to squawk to tell me to open up the front door so that he can look outside. He spends time with his momma and keeps her company, whether at home or at work. He really ended up being the perfect pet for us.

Hope you love your forever home as much as we love you Carson!

This afternoon I went and got my booster shot, over at a CVS in Canton. Glad that’s done. In and out, really quite easy. They just ask for you name and DOB and then you get the shot and they update the card. Will I have any side effects? I don’t think so because when I got my second all I had was a little fatigue but nothing bad at all. I sort of tried to time things in such a way that it wouldn’t interfere with my daily duties. Maybe a little arm soreness at the injection site, quite a common reaction.

I checked my work email and we got a message saying that we’d be having to take a mental health first aid training within the next year or so. Interesting. Sounds like a 2 day course as well.

Sparkle (Goats in Coats)

Brushing Sparkle

Visited the sanctuary yesterday and even though they’re closed on Sundays the owner lets us walk around and stuff because we’ve been so supportive over the years, I imagine. I got to brush Sparkle pictured here which is a gentle goat that I don’t get to brush very often, but for whatever reason, this day she wanted some, so I obliged. She was wearing a red coat to keep her warm.

I had a weird dream last night which was an amalgam from school days to writing reports to me being in a chemistry lab in the 90s. I had to get this report done and I remember I stayed up all night, and also that I was mad at my cowriters for not contributing anything. For some reason I tried to finish it by writing it up in the hallways of the chemistry lab that I worked in in the 90s. Not sure why I was lying on a cart and trying to get the font right for the very long report title. Then I went to turn it in in a mixture of a classroom from my 5th grade and a conference room from the 90s over at Acorn park. Also strange was Hilary Clinton was there and was the professor, but all the desks were pushed back so that most of the room was open. I think the dream brought up feelings of pressures from having to get reports done but also career choices that, for good or bad, lead me to where I am at the moment. Part of me felt sad about it, but just a part. Figured I’d write this down before it fades from my memory.



How about that shocker on “And Just Like That?” Didn’t see that coming! Decided to watch it last night since it had just premiered. Good thing we did because the spoilers from it are all over the net now. It’s not generally my type of show, I’d rather watch Stabler’s show (which this season has thus far been amazing), but with so much hype you have to check it out. They definitely made a mark to start things off.

My hometown is doing their tours of the houses all decked out in lights for the holidays again, so I figured I’d share one of my favorites from last year. Not sure if we’ll take a spin around the neighborhood this time around, but there is an art installation that I do want to check out soon.

Ready for Mad Magazine

What Me Worry?

For some reason I feel the art style of this caricature of me would fit right in with the art style of the Mad Magazine issues of the 1970s of which I used to own a few. I distantly remember having one that came with a record that you could place on a player and depending on where you placed the needle would have 6 or 7 different endings to the song. It was some paper thin like vellum kind of a thing. I remember you had to be careful not to bend it because then it was pretty much ruined. I even remember the name, It’s a Super Spectacular Day. It’s amazing what our minds can remember. I can remember that but can’t remember my schedule from last week.

Well, what do you know? Thanks to the magic of the Internet it still exists!

Love, Kennebunkport Style

  1. Hanging at the Boathouse in Dock Square
  2. Love from KPT
  3. Enjoying the sunset on Goose Rocks Beach
  4. Hanging with Boomer (a really big dog!) at Em and her dad’s place
  5. Playing piano at the Breakwater (any requests?)
  6. Together on a trip down the Kennebunk River
  7. Sipping coffee brandy on the lobster boat tooling up and down the river.

Enjoyed the hospitality of Em and her dad and hanging out while meeting Boomer and Pippa, dining at two great restaurants, our Airbnb stay in Arundel, the sandwiches and coffee at a Taste of Paris, checking out the sunset at Cape Porpoise, hopping on a real lobster boat and exploring the river, and getting some gifts for Christmas.

Off to the Prelude!

Keep checking back to see updates from this weekend’s Prelude adventure!

12.04.21 10:12 AM Update: Here’s a quick picture of the main room in the Airbnb location that we’re staying in in Arundel, Maine. The location is pretty much off the grid (but not too far). Strangely there’s no microwave or television but the WIFI is pretty good. Pretty nice sunrise views here too but since it’s a pretty farm-like rural area there’s lots of old tractors and machinery around which I feel obstructs the view otherwise. Also, the water here is well water so you can only drink it if it’s been filtered and it tends to smell like sulfur. Like I said, a little off the grid. The owners here apparently do a lot of social work with the Wabanaki so I sense a Native American motif throughout the unit, whether it be sculpture, art on the wall, or the rugs on the floor.

Never mind my crap on the floor.

Today’s Entry is _________

I finally got up enough motivation to dig the light-up reindeers and holiday trees from the basement and set them up in front of the house. One of the deers is being retired because he just doesn’t work anymore and this may be the last year for these other three. They’ve served well throughout the years but time and the elements have really taken it’s toll on them. Maybe next year we’ll get a new herd. We’ll probably need to rearrange their placement as I just got them out there and wanted to test to see how they perform.

I’ve also started watching reruns of the gameshow Match Game from the 1970s. What’s old is new again. I find it funny to watch because some of the things they do would be considered inappropriate by today’s standards, like the women contestants getting hugged and having to kiss a celebrity that helped them win. Still overall, I find it to be a rather enjoyable show. Guess it was quite the hit back in the day. As an aside I read that the MC is actually buried up in Gloucester MA of all places.

I changed the layout of the site a little bit, which you may have noticed. Will it stay? We’ll see.

This Elfland place that is making a buzz is not too far from my mom’s house. I drove by it last week in fact – it’s basically an empty lot where a gas station once was. (As a side note, we knew the owner of the station, he also owned a car repair place in Malden. He’s since passed but he always reminded me of a grumpy Santa). All that’s been removed and I assume another condo development will be going there, In the meantime some kid decided to place little buildings around the lot and little by little it’s growing by other folks adding to it. There’s even a movement to defend elfland but I’m pretty sure the developers are going to win this one as they would probably generate a lot more revenue. Maybe I’ll take a photo of it when I visit next week sometime.

Finally, I got my booster shot scheduled in about a week and a half. Might as well just get it over with and be protected. However, is this stuff ever going to end?