I Did It Again

Cruising under the Zakim
Another BTS shot!

I had to run down to Earth-1 today and while I was there, I was figuring, since it was a rather cool day out, that I’d go and do a quick bike ride down the GLX and get some exercise in. So that’s one of the things that happened today. While I was there i think I saw the next door neighbor’s kid brother out on her patio but I can’t figure out if it was him, how he got there. He doesn’t exactly live close to her. Mysteries to ponder. Also the guys putting in the foundation for the new condo development behind the garage have toppled over a tree that was back there but it’s actually good because that was basically just a giant weed. We do need to be careful though that they don’t mess up the back of the garage, which admittedly, is a very old edifice.

Tonight I’ll make some dinner and get ready for tomorrow’s shift. Lovely, I hear it’s supposed to rain on me again. The rain gear is getting a lot of use this week! Also tomorrow I need to find some time to maybe finally hit the home improvement store and get the items that I still didn’t get and perhaps put together a rather large contraption. (Long story).