Almost Like that Friends’ Episode Pivot Scene

Well, not for us, but we were able to get rid of some furniture today that was taking up space and it went to folks that could use it. A woman that we know and her partner were looking for some furniture for their place so this morning they came by to take this big couch out of the basement that we’ve been wanting to get rid of. Unfortunely after a bunch of trial and error they just couldn’t get it out the door as it didn’t seem to fit. I’m not sure how we got it into the house originally. That was a bummer but instead we were able to give them a love seat and an old rocker chair recliner that I used to love but it’s time was due. So it wasn’t a totally wasted trip for them and actually those items will seem to suit their living situation much better anyway so it was a win-win. We still need to figure out how to get rid of that couch though.

Another nice thing was the Dad who also came with them marveled at the juke box that we have. So that was cool. I showed them how it works and all that and they really dug it. I believe he selected “Sherry” by the Four Seasons if I’m not mistaken. Cool conversation piece, as always.

Later in the day we finally got around to making some more of that Lemon Orzo soup that everyone really seems to enjoy.