A Macabre Morbid Mission

Remember a few days ago when I mentioned reading about a homicide in Wellesley that occurred almost 20 years ago? So, today we went on an outing to visit where important events from this case occurred. This all came about after someone very close to the case informed us that they were directly involved. I won’t tell who it is, but if you do enough Google searching, you might be able to figure it out. It’s strange to know someone who is literally 0 degrees away from the criminal. It must also be difficult to live in the aftermath of such a heinous crime.

Anyway, the primary area we explored was Morses Pond, which is where all of this happened all those years ago, as well as some other spots mentioned in the book. (I wish I could find the Dateline episode featuring this case S2, E14). We spent the day with our pals M&M who were also into checking out out the locales. It seems so wrong and yet sort of fascinating at the same time, actually locating places where things were left which ultimately led to the conviction.

I also needed to snap high-resolution images of LD’s new office for use on her website, so that was another reason to be in the area since the proximity to all this stuff is really close. Afterwards we all had a nice lunch at a place called The Local.