The Road Trip Game

Ladydoc introduced me to a road trip game a while back that we play occasionally that she had played with colleagues so I figured I’d share. It really gets the mind working.

You start by saying “I’m going on a road trip and I am bringing…”

You list items alphabetically, tasking turns, but when it’s your turn you need to also remember and say all the previous things, So for example: “I’m going on a road trip and I’m bringing … Apples.” Then the next person goes and says, “I’m going on road trip and I’m bringing .. Apples and Bananas.” Then it’s back to the other person and they could say, “I’m going on a road trip and I’m bringing … Apples, Bananas, and Calamine lotion.” Get it?

Well, you can expand on this idea to change it up to. For example, I decided once that we could only use medications for the answers. And to refine it even further, only psychotropic medication! Try coming up with a med that starts with X! Theming the puzzle this way definitely makes it harder.

Try it on your next road trip!