Our Guest Has Gone Home

That was a busy few days with the guest visiting and staying for a while. We got to do a lot of fun stuff while she was here. LD is an excellent host, and I’m delighted she got to spend time with her childhood pal. They visited the beach several times, we watched the Brats show on the Brat Pack, practiced Pig Yoga together, grilled a dinner one night and made two big batches of the lemon soup for the landlady down the street, (yes, our guest helped out!) and had brunch at a 60s-inspired diner. Even Carson got used to her being around after a while.

The girls went to see a sunset and capybaras yesterday (I’m a little jealous that I wasn’t able to go due to other commitments, but judging from the hundreds of photos they took, it looked like a great time. Perhaps I can return there for my birthday!) Anyways while they were doing that I was hamming and hawing it up watching the Celtics win the championship. So sweet!

Now maybe a couple of days of normalcy during this heat wave we are currently having before the next adventure!

Piggy Yoga is Now a Thing

So much fun! I was surprised at how fun it actually was! Then it was an afternoon by the pool, a night of grilling and doing a fire pit. Beautiful day!

Gametime: Tongue Tied. Help the frog reach the stars! Pretty cool game.

Currently Watching: Brats. A doc about the Brat Pack of the 80s headed by one of them.

Preparing for Adventure

The view early morning at Nauset Beach.

Above is another one of my photos that I had lying around and decided to post up.

So, between work today, I managed to do some stuff around the house. The new network is up and running, and all the cameras are connected, once I had noticed that they were still looking for the old network and basically wouldn’t work. The set-top box is running Android TV, which works perfectly with the new TV remote and Google Assistant. It’s such a relief to have everything set up and working properly. I still want to play around a little bit with using my voice to control it. i know it’s nothing new but since the old box didn’t support it we never had those features.

The guy who was due to install the railings to the front steps finally showed up today, too, and got started putting up the new rails on the new steps. It was a bit of a surprise since I wasn’t expecting him, well I was, but a head’s up once in a while would have been nice. They didn’t take long to install, and I have to say, I think they really look great! The new rails are much safer than the old ones, and they also add a nice touch of style to the front of the house.

Overall, it was a productive day. Work on the garden and other areas around here continue apace. We’d like to get everything in order for when our guest arrives to hang out for a few days with us. There’s going to be a bunch of hopefully fun adventures lined up!

And now for something totally bananas! I used A.I to create a song in a bout a minute. Check it out.

When in Jersey…

Just got back from a weekend in New Jersey. It was LD’s college reunion so we attended. She got to get together with some old freinds, some she hadn’t seen in quite some time.

It was a fun outing. The weather was nice. Before the actual dinner they had a mass at the connected chapel to the college. What a beautiful chapel, I had never actually been inside before. Picture doesn’t really do it justice. You have to be in there and admire the high ceilings and stained glass and sculptures. Excellent attention to detail. We then took a little tour of the campus and the girls reminisced of their times there. It was cool to hear the stories.

The actual event itself wasn’t run too well, too many little things for listing now, but one funny story is this woman who joined our table and I guess was part of their class except she was like not a regular student, more like a weekend college kind of thing. She kept getting in all the pictures and interrupting but I suppose just wanted to be a part of the festivities. She said she was some sort of couples counselor but when you pressed her on certain things, it just sounded weird and off. There’s a lot more, like the time I handed her a photo prop that had the word Princess on it and she looked at me like I had three heads. (she had said her name was Princess, like I said, a bit strange). Anyways there’s way more to be said about these various encounters but better to tell it in person.

We had pizza at a local place by a train station and got to hang out with another friend who decided to come down and meet us, which was nice. We stayed at The Madison, a place we used to stay at often before the pandemic (since the pandemic we never use hotel rooms anymore, mostly Airbnb’s now) but for this particular trip is was convenient. Except the place is kind of going downhill, which is sad. I mean, it always had it’s foibles but now with it being sold to some company and not run by a family anymore, you can tell the difference. The food’s not the same, the service is definitely not the same, they even removed the pool to build another space for weddings (since that’s it’s main gig these days) and having a pool was one of the main reasons for choosing that place – for us. We didn’t check the reviews beforehand because we thought it would be like it always was. Won’t be making that mistake again!

The next day he hit the town center and met up with two other friends from LD’s graduating class at a diner called The Nautilus. Another place that I probably hadn’t been to in over 10 years if not more. That was pretty much the same. Again, fun meeting them and listening to the stories. Then it was off to grab some Jersey Boy bagels for the road and head on back.

The Verizon guy finally came this morning and upgraded everything, including a new set top box, which is what started this whole rigmarole. But now we are blasting with giganet speeds so access quality should be really good now.

Currently Reading: Staying with the computer future for the moment: Quantum Supremacy (review).

A Wonderful Discovery of Birding

I just got around to trying this app called Merlin which identifies birds just by listening to them singing and tweeting. This thing is pretty sick and works awesome! The Merlin app is free from Cornell. It will record and identify birds by their calls in a matter of seconds. In under a minute, it could identify 6 different birds from the backyard!.I really like using the Sound ID function, just sitting out back with it listening and seeing the different bird species pop up that it identified. It also seems to do a great job of ignoring any background noise. How did I not know about this sooner?? Download it!

Let’s Make It a Beach Date!

We had a good day at the beach yesterday, meeting up with some friends. Good times. The weather was also amazing. I did not wade in the ocean, but everyone else did! We noticed a bunch of people playing what must be some new beach game. It looks like there’s a mini trampoline and you biunce a ball off of it to the other person. Never seen this before but a bunch of people had there own games set up which makes me thing maybe it’s the latest thing?

We all got a little sunshine. Afterwards, LD and I went to Green Harbor for some lobster rolls and clams; we were there, so why not? When we got home, I made some teriyaki rice with vegetables and we watched some more The Shield episodes.

This morning, I went to town to mow the lawns, and we jointly mulched several of the lily beds. Mulching appears to be an endless task. I also cleaned off the Adirondack chairs and patio table to remove the pollen that had accumulated. This gardening stuff is a lot of effort (granted, it’s a rather big back yard). It looks great when everything is finished. I feel fairly accomplished this morning, despite the fact that I’m little sore.

Beautiful Pool and Tiny Chairs

Yesterday afternoon was spent in Georgetown visiting our friends who just put in a truly gorgeous inground pool. We got in the water (a nice warm 77+ degrees) and even sat on these relaxing ledges that surround the pool in different areas. They need to finish all the hardscape around it, add the firepit, etc. but so far it is really sweet! I had a great time. We also got to hang out with their dog Molly again who just recently got spade so had to wear a donut around her head. She’s the cutest!

After that we got more mulch in the early evening and these plant holders that look exactly like the two blue Adirondack chairs that we have in the back. These are essentially miniature versions of those so they match great. Now it’s off to the beach to meet up with some other pals of ours. I also want to look at Hoka sneakers soon and see what the buzz is about as my cherished New Balance M880E10s aren’t being produced anymore. More later…

What Should Be Simple Becomes a Sisyphean Task

LD in tech support hell

The cable set-top box failed yesterday, and it was a nightmare attempting to contact support with all of the automated prompts and live chat operators. It was difficult just to get someone to simply replace the box. What should have taken a few minutes if you could reach a human on the phone took more than two hours on the computer. Poor LD dealing with all that stuff, she has the patience of a saint but even this was getting to her, naturally so.

The box just keeps rebooting itself; I believe the hard disk within it ultimately failed, as it was quite old. It had started acting a bit wonky earlier in the day. Anyway, a guy will be out in about ten days to perform whatever they need to. In the interim, luckily, we can still use all of the TV applications and things; it’s just the cable that’s unavailable for now. Seriously thinking of ditching that whole thing but they don’t make it easy, plus it’s not as cost effective as it used to be to cut the cord and get all the stuff you want.

Anyways, after that cluster, LD had a now much-needed accupuncture appointment and I decided to tag along and hang out at a nearby park and waited and read while she was having the treatment. After a couple of hours there we came back and I fired up the grill to use up some chicken that had to be used in the next day or so or it would go bad. I ended up grilling some marinated chicken late last night. LD said it came out good, so there’s that!