Makes me go “Hmmm…”

Shot along the Newport, RI coast one fine day.

I’ve been compiling a list of things that make me wonder. These are just mental observations that I’ve made over time (long time readers may remember some of them from before) and I figured I’d share them, put them all together and see if anyone else feels the same way. I’ll keep adding to this list as I think of more things that make me ponder. Feel free to comment to add your own or if you think I’m just whack nuts!

Have you ever noticed you can turn any movie into a Broadway production just by adding an exclamation point on the end? Hustlers! The Breakfast Club! Kramer vs. Kramer!

While watching Wheel of Fortune one evening, I noticed something. Vanna doesn’t appear to be necessary anymore since the letters are electronic now and no spinning of tiles is needed, so why is she still there? She still taps the letters to show them but when contestants solve the puzzle all letters appear without her touching them. Wasteful!

Why does it seem that the thicker a woman’s eyebrows are, the more they want to be in control?

Why is it that flies seem to have no problem flying into a door of the house that was opened for a second, but can’t seem to fly out of the house the same way? Even if you make it as simple as possible they seem to not choose the most obvious path. WHY NOT??

If I got a tattoo of a Rorschach inkblot, then when people ask me what it is, I could say it’s whatever you see it is? Surprised those kind of tats aren’t more popular? I guess because tats are representative of the person wearing it and not the person looking at it. HAH!

Things that all people can agree on: Pizza and Music. I’ve never heard of anyone saying they don’t like pizza or music. Like, whoever said “I hate music”? No such thing. Hmm, maybe if we could tie into that which make us all connect on that level we’d all get along better.

If the show “Hoarders” was in 3D it would be awesome. Just saying. Maybe VR too. Also, maybe it’s the cynicism in me, but wouldn’t it be really easy for the cleaned up place to get trashed again over time? Wonder if that’s why I never see episodes of updates on the folks that were helped out?

Why is it called Planet Earth when it’s mostly water? Planet Water just doesn’t have the same ring to it though. Planet Hydro? Planet Etche Two Oh.

When do oldies stop being oldies? Like, when you put on an oldies station and they play music from the 50s, well, when does that stop getting played and then it’d be music from a different decade? If it does, what do you call the previous oldies then? Older oldies? Also, no one ever plays ragtime anywhere, anymore, except maybe in some old saloon in a movie. Talk about a musical genre that went belly up.

I remember awaking from a dream that I had insomnia and couldn’t sleep. In the dream! While I’m really sleeping! That was whack. Who does that? What could it mean??

Why do I always mix up the following in my mind?

  • Judas Priest and Iron Maiden
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Lisa Kudrow 
  • What “on the wagon” and “off the wagon” means.