Another Day.

Along the Newport Bluffs, circa 2018.

Too often life is merely a squalid succession of days; whereas in fact it can be a great, living adventure.

Nothing Earth-shattering to report at the moment. I did venture out to local grocery mart this morning, it wasn’t very busy and they have their act together. Wow, I’m pretty boring. I probably should be using the time a bit more constructively, and I will, but at this moment I’m just gliding through the day. I have been devoting some of the spare time to the gardening. I’m pleased to say that all seem to being well, and I think the butternut squashes my be starting to bud. I need to another survey, maybe later in the week, and share their statuses for posterity. The thing with as many plants as we are currently cultivating – it actually takes some time to water them all!

The story behind the photo: This was taken while driving around Newport, RI, just in an exploratory type of drive around – something we used to do quite a bit on the weekends. Anyways, although I don’t remember the exact location I do know it was along a tiny strip of road with a waterway on either side. We decided to pull over and I took the shot. I took notice of the water in the puddle which I thought would look cool, along with the sailboat and further away, the mansion on the hill. Side note: just around the rock in the front to the right was a little cove where I discovered a scrawny white egret searching for food. I took photos of him too. There was also a man in waders clamming around the water – I cropped him out of this shot but do have some of him doing this which I may share at a later date.