Low Key Friday

Summer nights.

Well, the windshield repair guy came out this am to fix the windshield. It’s a lot better then it was but there’s still a little crack, the original hit was pretty bad. I suppose I could just go for a new windshield but I don’t know if it’s really worth it. I can live with the little mark the way it is.

Actually I changed my mind, I set up an appointment for them to come back on Monday and just replace the whole windshield.

Today a good part of the day I spent manicuring the front and back lawns with mowing and edging. Took a good part of the afternoon – the warm of the day didn’t bother me – it actually wasn’t all that bad. Also some folks are starting to get some of their photographic items and they sound very pleased with the result, so that makes me pretty happy. Please get the word out!

Bout time they arrested that cop in MN. Ridiculous it took so long, but I suppose that’s part of the systematic problem.