Discovering Oneself

Some garden flowers in full bloom.

The garden is coming along nicely – gives me something to look at and to do, a sense of accomplishment, although to be honest, the plants do most of the work themselves. It’s a treat for me to see a new bud forming, or a little tomato start to sprout, and the colors, the beautiful colors, brighten up things.

I feel I’m starting to become a little bit lazy. The days seem to pass by rather quickly. I grilled some trout last night on the barbecue. It came out pretty good.

Some of my photos finally got an actual mention on the newscast from the anchor along with showing them and that was exciting to see. It was the Fairhaven sunset and the bunny in the flowers on the deck, which I do have to say, feel are some of my best work. A lot of times I just never know what I might capture. Sometimes I’ll have an idea of what I think I might have in mind, but much of it is spontaneous (like the bunny) that just happened to be there. Like when I went to Fairhaven, I knew I’d like to get some sort of sunset shot (because folks seem to like those the best) but I had no idea of the surroundings or that I’d discover that field of poppies growing in the sand. I had to walk over to that location not even knowing it was there. Lots of times I’ll walk over to a place and there’s nothing great, but every once in a while I hit pay dirt. Part of the appeal for me is the discovery. Having had something of a sheltered childhood, I like to get out and see things now when I can. Somewhere in my head, there’s a curiosity – a need to discover and to learn, to find out more about the things that interest me. I only learned that over the years about myself. I started taking photos to prove to myself that I experienced what I saw and wanted to share it – almost like a validation that it really did happen, and to remember. That’s still true and probably always will be. Back to Fairhaven, I spent quite a while there, waiting for the sun to drop slowly lower and lower from the sky and to line up just how I wanted it to frame. I could see it in my mind how I wanted it to look – sometimes what I come back with isn’t the same as what I had envisioned, either the photo came out better than I had thought, or worse. I couldn’t get quite the angle that I had wanted, but it came out alright.