The Plot Thickens

Eastham again.

The story behind the photo: As sunset was approaching, we were driving around Eastham looking for some other viewing places of the bay that were less crowded and came upon some residential area, driving down some quiet local roads. Reaching the end of one of the terminals we encountered this location. So I got out and snapped a few and there it is. It was nice that nobody happened to be there at this particular time. I remember how quiet it was. Perhaps folks who live here were having dinner in their homes at the time. I think we’ll try to get back to this location again.

It would appear that this rabbit that keeps coming on the deck may have something on her mind rather than just checking out what plants are up there. When I look into the dianthus pot there appears to a dug hole. Cut to this morning and I noticed the hold had some fur placed in it. Cut to a few hours later today and now I notice some twigs on top of the fur. Could this bunny actually think about putting some little bunnies in there? Hell of a place for such a thing, with us coming in and out all the time. Still, I am curious to see how this pans out – maybe it’ll be nothing, perhaps a decoy nest possibly – but what if it becomes something?

Today’s movie watch is Doctor Sleep – the sequel to The Shining. I don’t feel it was good as the Shining (but how could it be). Totally different – more like a bunch of vampires type of movie. Not bad in the least, just different and that’s how you have to view it I feel. If you think it’s going to be like The Shining you’ll be disappointed. I especially liked the scene in the Overlook where Dan meets his father who is now the bartender and the conversation that ensues (they couldn’t get Jack apparently so they tried to do it with a sort of lookalike which was cheesy to me), but overall it’s just a different kind of film. Not what I was expecting.

The hummingbird came by again! But once again, only stayed for a second so I couldn’t observe it in detail in time. It’s so weird seeing this thing, the way it moves, hover and fly sort of robotically – up, down, side to side, that it takes time for my mind to process what the hell it is. And by the time you figure it out, it takes off.