Eddy Trail

Reaching the end of the Eddy Bay Trail

We made it to the end of the trail overlooking the bluffs into Cape Cod Bay! This is actually a very nice trail. As for a little history of it here goes. The trail is located on the site of the “planting fields” of the Saquatucket Sachemship and later divisions of farms for the colonists in the 1600’s. The area later served as pasture and tillage for some of Brewster’s leading farming families through the 1800’s. From Lower Road, the path leads past 1870’s barn and house foundations, through a grove of large holly trees, and then pine and oak woodland. The path ends at the highest bluff in Brewster overlooking Cape Cod Bay, which is where this shot was taken! It was currently high tide so the water looks close but I might return at low tide so as to see the miles of tidal flats that appear.