Castle in the Sky of Blue

An image of a castle looking building with a blue sky behind it.
Castles in the sky

The story behind the photo: This is a picture of the corner of the Wellesley Town Hall. Pretty nice for a municipal building, eh? Well, there’s a bit of a story to it. This Romanesque stone building was designed by Shaw & Hunnewell (a railroad financier and interestingly enough, perhaps the first person to cultivate and popularize rhododendrons in the United States) and built between 1881 and 1886. Its construction was funded by, and it was built on land donated by him. The east end of the building, which was finished first, was opened as the public library in 1883, whose initial collection was also funded by Hunnewell. The building is a striking example of the then-fashionable Richardsonian Romanesque, although it also exhibits French Chateau features seen by the architects during travels in Europe. The Trinity Church in Boston is another example of Richardson Romanesque architecture.

Anyways I happened to walking around the building one day and liked this angle with the blue sky in the background. Also, it so reminds me of a castle with the turret and all. Reminds me almost of a fairy tale.