Sensing the Witchy Vibes

Image of a shack in the woods with a path filled with leaves leading up to it.
Can you feel the spooky vibes?

The story behind the photo: While going for a walk through the Moose Hill Reservation in Sharon on a crisp fall day I came upon this leave strewn path with rock walls on either side of it which led up to some storage shack. I thought it might make a neat picture. I like how the longer I look at this one the spookier it gets, like there’s something lurking just beneath the surface but maybe that’s just me.

Spent the day in the ‘Ville, which has become somewhat of a Tuesday weekly thing for me these days. While there I filled out my voting ballot and voted this morning, dropping it off at the ballot drop box in front of City Hall. Ah, the sweet smell of democracy! Also ran a bunch of needed errands that required my attention and even helped my mom bring her cat to the vet for his much-needed-because-these-beasts-nails-have-painfully-stabbed-me nail clippings.

Witch, Please