Beware, It’s Spooky Out There

Another cemetery scene.

We’re getting a sourwood tree from a friend who is going to help us plant it in the back on Election Day. So nice! I wanted to mow up some leaves today but when I woke up it was raining out so I’ll need to delay doing that for a little bit. Going to put some Halloween treat bags together tonight and leave them outside the door on Saturday. Personally I can’t stand Halloween, I think it’s dumb, especially these days. I’m such a curmudgeon when it comes to dishing out candy, I want to eat it for myself.

Feeling a little more motivated today before the frost that’s coming, even though I find the nuisance rain annoying. Here’s my list: Replaced the furnace filter, removed the outside hoses and shut off the outdoor water valves, disconnected the outside electrical dragonfly lights, replaced the storm door screens with glass panes – they are always a pain to get in and I have to strenuously lift them into place (not that they’re heavy, just the way that it’s set up), did some laundry, took down the sun umbrella from the patio, cut and harvested the remaining butternut squash growing outside in one of the raised boxes, measured some of the remaining windows in the house that LD wants to get more Top Down Bottom Up blackout shades for. I still need to hang the new curtain rods in the sitting room. I took out the shovels and driveway markers in case we get any snow tomorrow. I still need to set the ceiling fans to spin clockwise and check on the gutters and storm drain out front for clogs. So far I have 92 active zone minutes as opposed to my goal of 22 a day so I’m being super physical today performing all these tasks.

I’m not one to get political on here but we are all starting to reach our breaking point. I hope next week we have some good news and start getting back to decency and back to what America should be all about, and it is not what has been going on in the last few years, and especially this year in particular. I was better off 4 years ago. I know we won’t survive another 4 years of this, physically, mentally and emotionally. We need change, and fast.