Starting the Light Ups

Started hanging some holiday lights late this afternoon. A bunch of lighted trees to adorn the pathway out front, which will also be with the automated reindeer that goes out every year. I haven’t got around to them yet, but hope to before the week is out. Also hung some icicle lights inside the sun room and some adorning the big picture window that looks out onto the patio. I also still need to hang the lighted wreath and bring up the Xmas tree.

We’re getting a jump on it a little early this year you might say. We even already ate most of our turkey, seeing as we cooked it last Saturday. An interesting story in and of itself as to why. Ask and I’ll tell, otherwise I’ll keep mum about it.

Also thanks to whoever bought some coasters featuring my shot of Scituate Light from my shop! Always nice to get a sale!

Tonight’s movie watch is High Fidelity. Figure we’ll watch that and then catch a couple of 48 Hrs episodes left on the DVR. Also every day I try to catch at least one Hunter episode. Working my way through those.