Reindeer Ready

Lighted Reindeer up and and providing light.

I finally got around to inserting that new bulb I got for the 8mm back at Earth-1. I felt a bit tentative turning it on, afterall, you could tell this was a very old bulb (new but untouched for probably decades) but it worked like a charm. I got around to watching about an hour and a half of old films, highlighted by ones of myself and my sister as little kids and my mom and grandparents in all their glory. It was great and then for some reason the motor to the feeding mechanism just stopped so that was that for now. Maybe it just needs a rest, I’ll tinker around with it some more another time but I’m satisfied with what I did get to see.

After the storm the other day I needed to reseat two of the lighted reindeer out front, they had fallen over in the gales but otherwise were okay. Unfortunately one of the red bows on one must have blown off and flew away as I can find no trace of it anywhere.

The calendar people finally got around to start sharing my image on social media so you might see that around. Not sure why they couldn’t have used a higher resolution for it though. Perhaps I’m biased but I do think my photo is the best one in the entire calendar. Rather fitting that it’s the last one of the year in there as well – best for last! Hah!

Carson the cat sees himself in the mirror with me behind capturing the moment with my cellphone.
Shocking Discovery