Calzones and May Day Deliveries

Sunset blankets over Jamaica Pond 5/1/21

Spent the afternoon at friends’ house on their outside deck and had takeout from some place that I must say made these amazing calzones! I had the buffalo chicken one and it was really good. After that LD had to deliver some end-of-the-semester goodies to her trainees as they’ll be wrapping up and moving on in their careers so we took a quick jaunt all throughout Boston, mostly parts of Dorchester, Hyde Park and JP. Moving on, there was even one who lived in the North End so I had to get out and navigate all the outdoor dining going on there, and let me tell you, the streets were packed. There were a ton of people dining yesterday – it was very crowded. Guess things are starting to get back to normal afterall – or people are just ready for it to be so and that’s that. Once all the packages were delivered LD thought we might be able to catch a sunset over at Jamaica Pond. We got there just as the sun was disappearing.

Jamaica Pond at Sunset 5/1/21

2 thoughts on “Calzones and May Day Deliveries

  1. It was an interesting drive to be sure! And yes, they are very lucky, and so am I!

  2. That LD and her end of semester goodies! She’s so amazing. How lucky are they?! Sounds like a fun drive, too.

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