Somerville Sojourn

While I was in my hometown this afternoon I decided to take out one of bikes and go for a ride around town, just to see how everything was looking. You can see some of these if you follow me on Insta under my stories. Some of the highlights were hitting some little libraries, catching some of the fluff festival down in Union Square – although by the time I got there it had appeared to be winding down, a visit to the Round House (which looks likes it’s finally being renovated and looks really nice), and going through Davis which is a mess due to the outdoor dining – not much room for the cars to pass through. I also passed by the place were the Ladydoc and I first met on our very first date. There’s a bit of trivia for you! The rest is history!

I guess I am a bit not used to riding though, because now I’m so tired and sleepy. I didn’t intend to do as much riding as I did but once I got going I wanted to keep checking out other things so I ended up doing an hour and a half of bicycling around the town.