A “Pizza” My Happiest Memories

Why was I not notified that today of all days was National Pizza Day? How could I let something like that slip by me? It may come as no surprise that Pizza is actually my favorite food and always has been. I can’t remember the first time I ever ate pizza but I guess my earliest pizza memories were probably going to a place called Speedy Pizza in Davis Square back in the day with my grandparents. (It’s no longer there but another pizza place currently sits in it’s space). If I can remember properly, which I usually cannot, I think it was like a Friday night thing, sort of weekly though not always. Later on I remember going out to pizza with them on Fridays down at the old Assembly Square Mall back when it existed and they had a Papa Gino’s in there. I do remember it was usually after a Friday night trip to K-Mart. For some reason this became kind of a treat for me, to go with them, and I mean hey, pizza! As a matter of fact in elementary school, and I suppose even all the way up through high school, when I went the lunch I had was always pizza. Maybe it wasn’t, but that’s all I remember eating. Back then, children’s nutrition wasn’t a big a thing as it is nowadays. Plus that pizza was like the Ellio’s – not that good but provided the required sustenance. Well tonight I plan on making salmon with broccoli and some Delecata Squash Gratin but maybe come this Friday, I’ll go order up a nice large cheesy pie and raise a couple of slices to my grandparents in heaven and Remember When.