Back Like a Bat Out of Hell

Finally went and saw a live show last night in town, something we haven’t done since 2019! It was for a show that we originally had tickets for back in 2019 but got pushed back a couple of times due to the pandemic. Originally we believe it was supposed to be some sort of musical using the music from the Bat Out of Hell album, but I think since Meat’s passing it got changed into a tribute concert.

The man behind the microphone singing Meat Loaf’s signature classics was Caleb Johnson, an American Idol winner from season 13. There was even a couple of times when he would leave the stage and mingle into the audience while singing, including going way up into the back of the balcony. The band was super tight and sounded great, especially the two female singers. I cannot deny that it was amazing to see a live show again after so much time had passed. We were a little apprehensive but we played it safe. There’s just something about live performances that you just cannot capture any other way. It was a smallish local theatre and I’d say most of the crowd was middle aged or older. Let me tell you, some of these older women in the audience go nuts when they let loose. (Uhmm, you do know that’s not actually Meat Loaf, right? Although to be fair, the guy does have his own career.) It was a fun time!