Biking Through Cambridge

Well, I did it. Yesterday I got myself down to Cambridge and went on the city ride tour of the city, a thing I hadn’t done in a couple of years. We hit all the squares, Inman, Central, Harvard, Lechmere etc. as well as Alewife (even rode right by my old office) and what strikes you is how many massive new apartment/condo complexes are all over the place. This particular ride more or less goes from one end of the city to the other and back again. Anyways, after it all I was feeling it a little bit, having been so rusty, more so just between my shoulder blades from hunching over. I think I must have fell asleep after grilling last night probably around 9. I was concerned heading out to the ride about the heat but we pretty much lucked out as it was a bit overcast and the sun didn’t really start coming out until the ride was nearly done, so score on that point. I was prepared anyway. There we some ride organizers taking pictures but I don’t know if I’m in any of them. If I find any I’ll be sure to post it up. I’d say there might have been about 100 of us or so. I’m sure it was quite a sight to all the people walking around watching us cruise through the streets at a nice leisurely pace.

Replacing the battery in my key fob was a success! Why go to the dealer or someplace where they’ll charge whatever when you can just do it yourself for a couple of bucks?