Flooring Done but More to Come

Haven’t had much time to do an update, so here’s a quick one. The kitchen floor is finally done and looks pretty sweet. I had to work with the electrician and the plumber to get the utility setups correct for the new appliances to go in (long story – let’s just say the former owners didn’t do things properly and leave it at that) so that everything is up to code and safe and whatnot. The appliances aren’t due to arrive till next week sometime so we’ll be winging it for cooking for the next few days. I did manage to get myself to play a Powerball ticket yesterday on the off chance I might actually win something, even though it’s a longshot. My first issue of Lighthouse Digest finally arrived yesterday and I was pleasantly impressed with the quality of it. Planning on having a get together with some friends out back late this afternoon, it’s been a while since we used the firepit or even the grill. Speaking of which, I need to get started on replacing the summer door screens with their winter glass pane counterparts, shutting off some outside utilities, and transferring some indoor plants that I wish to overwinter.