No Growth Comes from Comfort

December Coasts

I saw a quote today that really made me think and it’s the title of today’s post. “No Growth Comes from Comfort” really resonated with me when I saw it. I tend to be a creature that likes to live in it’s comfort zone. But this week I went ahead and did something that may take me out of that, at least for a bit, and growth could definitely come of it. It will be a little bit of time before this thing I’m talking about sees fruition but it could be the start of something pretty good. I kept flipping back and forth about it, but in the end I decided to go for it and put my hat in the ring.

On the domestic front, things are mostly business as usual. You may or may not have seen my attempts to draw attention to my photography on my social media sites. Although I don’t want to seem spammy, I do want people to be aware of my work because I do believe that some of it is fairly good. I still have a lot to learn about it all, and I need to work much harder at it. But it is effort, and I do occasionally have a tendency to be lazy.

In a more uplifting tone, today’s main image is from this summer down on the Cape. I do feel I seem to take some of my best work there but perhaps that’s only because the setting is so stunning. I don’t have to add much, if anything. I just to tried to capture a moment in time when we felt free and warm and giddy. A little bit of tranquility for today, I’m sure we could all use some right about now.