Video Wallpaper

new phone wallpaper

i downloaded what I think is this cool animated wallpaper for my Samsung Galaxy phone. It’s free and I thought it looked pretty cool so I wanted to share in case anyone else was interested. Grab it here. (This link only works with Samsung mobile phones).

Currently Reading: Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases. We’ll see if this is any good. The book I just finished about the “other Dr. Gilmore” was a great read. You can find the links on my goodreads page over on the right sidebar or way at the bottom of this page is you’re using mobile right now.

There’s a bunch of gas guys out front ripping up the street apparently putting in new gas mains. They’ll need to come into the house tomorrow to hook it up to the residence but as of right now, they’re jackhammering the middle of the street to get access to the lines. Kind of a pain in the ass actually.