It’s a 7-11 Kind of Day

It appears that those mourning doves that had babies a few weeks ago are reusing that nest again. Could it be that more babies are on the way? That would be pretty cool. Also, on the topic of birds, I’ve noticed quite an abundance of cardinals and blue jays this year.

This week, the backsplash for the kitchen renovation has finally started to go up on the walls. This appears to be absolutely fantastic and SICK looking! I bought the whitest grout they had available at the tile store, which would really make the blue stand out. It pops as it is right now. This will only improve it. It’s good to see that everything is finally coming to an end. Taking a little longer than projected and costing a little more than anticipated, but that’s only to be expected. The mason doing the work is a real character! A little cranky but generally a good guy and more importantly, he knows his stuff.

I moved my “office” out of the kitchen area where I was stationed starting during the pandemic. I have moved all my computers and stuff to another room upstairs finally. It was time.