A Celebration of Life

Today (and part of yesterday) I went ahead and put some more Xmas lights outside. Some solar snowmen on the side railing and some lighted miniature Xmas trees on the front lawn. Today I also draped some netted wire lights over the spruces out front, except that the spruces are a bit too large so we may need to get more netted lights to fill it in better, but it is a start. Today we went to a funeral service for a friend of ours whose wife recently passed away. It was in a very nice church in town. There was a also a little nice reception lunch in the café on site. Got to say they had the best Caesar salad I’ve had in a while. Seriously though, it was a very nice ceremony. This was in one of those more modern churches which I have to say, seems so much more welcoming and comfortable then the stogey old Catholic churches that I grew up with. Granted those churches are probably much older but still, change with the times. One of the things this woman loved to do was garden, and by all accounts, hers did look pretty amazing. They gave away seeds to everybody to be planted next spring which I thought was a cool gesture. We’ll find a place for these come springtime.