An Interrupted Evening

So we’re hanging out, chilling, just watching Nip/Tuck episodes when we hear this loud talking outside. At first we thought it might have been the neighbors kids just chatting, as they’ve been known to do in the past. But then it persisted and seemed to be getting louder. When I looked out the door to see what the commotion is about I see this dude stumbling about in the street, in our driveway where our cars are, in the neighbor’s driveway. all the while I seemed to think he’s yelling out “Michael” along with some other words that I couldn’t make out. This dude definitely seemed altered in some way – something wasn’t right.

So he’s going all up and down the street, yelling and yelling and at one point even faced planted in a neighbor’s lawn but then got right back up. The next door neighbor lady was scared as we were too a little bit because you never know what could happen or what a person could be capable of, especially when not thinking clearly. As this was going on for quite a while by this point LD and possibly others finally got the police to come down. I could see them all up at the end of the street for what seemed like a good twenty or so minutes. Eventually an ambulance also came and I assumed took him away and sectioned him.

While this is all going on a strange woman comes walking up the street, looking and finally finding her dog in the vicinity of our driveway. She mentioned that the man was her husband, “Unfortunely” I believe she said, leashed the dog who must have gotten away from the dude, and took off up the street from whence she came.

We assume that the guy was possibly walking the dog and it got loose? Who names their dog Michael, if that even was it’s name? Who is Michael? And if he was walking the dog in this altered state, why? When I first saw the guy I thought he might be plastered out of mind drunk and wanting to fight Michael. I’ve seen enough belligerent drunks in my day to know the behaviors. Anyways, apparently this guy lives right up the street. Hopefully he’ll get the help he needs, but it sure did make for a tense filled evening. So much for winding down. After all that, you’re a bit wired.