Our Guest Has Gone Home

That was a busy few days with the guest visiting and staying for a while. We got to do a lot of fun stuff while she was here. LD is an excellent host, and I’m delighted she got to spend time with her childhood pal. They visited the beach several times, we watched the Brats show on the Brat Pack, practiced Pig Yoga together, grilled a dinner one night and made two big batches of the lemon soup for the landlady down the street, (yes, our guest helped out!) and had brunch at a 60s-inspired diner. Even Carson got used to her being around after a while.

The girls went to see a sunset and capybaras yesterday (I’m a little jealous that I wasn’t able to go due to other commitments, but judging from the hundreds of photos they took, it looked like a great time. Perhaps I can return there for my birthday!) Anyways while they were doing that I was hamming and hawing it up watching the Celtics win the championship. So sweet!

Now maybe a couple of days of normalcy during this heat wave we are currently having before the next adventure!