Carson’s Vet Day

Yesterday we had to take the cat to the vet. It’s always a big production to get him down there because we have to use guile and trickery to get him into a position where I can grab him by the scruff of the neck and then quickly dump him into the carrier. Then driving him down there is an ordeal because of this pitiful wail that he does the whole ride there. I feel bad that I have to trick him this way but I said to myself that I just needed to grit my teeth and get through it. I’m happy to say that he got his shots and a clean bill of health from the doctor and that he was very brave and so well behaved that they were able to get everything done and even got his nails clipped. So that was great but it did take a little bit out of us.

However later in the afternoon a collogue of LD’s swung by and hung out with us for a couple of hours on the back patio and we talked and had a lovely lunch outside which was fun. We even lit a fire for an hour or so which used the remainder of the wood I had and just as it had finished burning for the most part it started to rain but by that point it was pretty much time to end anyway so it worked out beautifully. I will say that was a quick 5 or so hours though, it went by so fast. Also there were a multitude of bunnies playing in the backyard during all of this.