Minutia but Make It Pretty

Time for some boring minutia but I’ll pretty the post up with some pictures I took to keep you entertained, Got through a bunch of little errands this morning that I wanted to accomplish. First I dropped off a heap of clothes that LD wanted to donate and then I got gas for my car. Then I hopped over to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions and the bank to get some funds. I went to go make a payment on a bill and picked up the latest Yankee Magazine which is featuring some hidden spots on the Cape that I thought I might check out. Could be some new photo opportunities possibly, we’ll see. I also picked up a puzzle book, partly to keep my mind occupied for the trip’s downtimes, and partly to keep my mind working! Speaking of photo ops, check out Madaket below down in Nantucket, and the Cape above over in Yarmouth, a location I may need to revisit.