Beware the Quiet Ones


One thing I forget to mention from last week was the “neighbors” we had in the unit next to us on the right side. They showed up the same as us, and were kind of annoying in the fact that they had to have the two spaces right in front of their unit. But the oddest thing about them was that all week, it appeared that they never left the unit – for anything! Also, they were so quiet it seemed they weren’t even there. Since there appeared to be about 6 of them, included a young boy with a guitar, you would think we would have heard something. We had no problem hearing the other unit on the left side, with their riding their bikes out back, and flying a drone around. Thankfully after that first weekend, some of them must have cleared out because they became quieter – but not so much as this other family. The Ladydoc thought the women might have murdered the men since there was no hide no hair of them to be seen all week – including the child! (BTW- this is when you’ve realized that you’ve been watching too many murder/mystery shows like Dateline and such over the years – when this is your thought process). Then, finally, on the day we have to pack up and leave, there they all are packing up the family trucksters – checkout time wasn’t until 10 am but they were all packed and gone by 8:30!

It was just odd that they never appeared to leave the unit – not to leave to get some pool time in, or barbecue out back, or even take in the beach or catch some sights, as we did. And the silence! Not to say that it was not appreciated by us – it certainly was. It was just so odd to be so silent and cooped in. Anyways, I hope they enjoyed their vacation!

I forgot to mention, the other day this movie was on called Never Too Young To Die starring John Stamos, Vanity and Gene Simmons. I had never heard of the movie. It is terrible! Like, really, really terrible. A real train wreck, and yet that’s what makes you want to watch it. Definitely one for a watch party. Makes we wonder why the hell Stamos took on this project at the time.