Heat Wave

Enjoy the breeze.

I ordered the Truro lighthouse I took last week to be printed on glass. I just really like how that shot turned out with the subtle green and all. Definitely an impulse buy, (plus where will I hang it?) but I felt I really wanted it printed. We also spent the morning hanging some of my previous sunrise and sunset photos that were printed on glass on the walls of the bedroom. Still have more to go, but little by little we’re getting it done. Place is really shaping up!

Even though it was hot this afternoon, it wasn’t as hot as yesterday so I decided to do some chicken on the grill after the sun passed overhead. While waiting for it to cook, I watered the plants and was pleased that the hydrangeas out back were really starting to blossom. I also picked some lettuce for my salad, although it’s pretty bitter – might have waited to long to pick. There’s also a bunch of wild tomato plants growing around it different places. Not sure if I should get rid of them- they went crazy last year and didn’t taste all that good, but I left them alone for now.

Also had to do some food prep, oh no, Sunday scaries in full effect!