A Little Monday Update


Not too much to report back on today. Did get some minor things accomplished like catching up on my watching of that Autopsy, The Last Hours Of… show. Does anyone else like that show – I mean, I do find it a bit morbid but I do like learning about the celebrities lives. I also drove down to a local gas place and got the propane tank refilled for future outdoor cooking activities. It was getting pretty low with all the recent grilling. I did have to swing by Earth-1 real quick because my mom didn’t know how to rescan her over-the-air television channels, so I obliged. Worked out since LD was out with a former colleague during that time. Also got a chance to see the progress of the building of the condo next door. Jezus, that thing looks big. I suppose will be better than what was there before though, when all is said and done. New neighbors!