A Little More Boston


Did you know the shortest suspension bridge in the world is the footbridge that crosses the swan boat lagoon in the Public Garden?  I actually just learned this from picking up a book about Boston’s littler known facts from a Little Library outside the Legal Sea Foods in Newton where we had lunch yesterday. I had not been back to that spot in years – they did the place over, looks pretty good!

Boston’s Seaport Neighborhood, my favorite.

I’d have to say the Seaport area is my go-to favorite place in Boston, naturally. Anyways this afternoon we’re going to a watch party to see the horror movie “It.” One of the hosts was to scared to watch it with us in the theater when it came out but is willing to watch it on their big television screen. She’s not much into scary movies apparently. We’ve already seen it when it first came out but are going to watch it again to get ready for Part 2 in a couple of weeks, which I think she said she will gusto up and join us for!