‘Skully’ Lives Again

Cabin in the Woods at Moose Hill. Is Slender-man in there?

Got back from doing some errands today. Had to get some candy to hand out later next week. Also picked up a bunch of hearing aid size batteries to replace the dead ones in this skull light up thing that we use every year as a decoration. I totally sure I had gotten the right size but when I placed them into old ‘Skully’ it worked and lit up brightly. Why the hell it would need three of them is beyond me. I ended up going to this brand new CVS they just recently opened across the street from the one it was replacing and I was curious to see what it looked like inside. They all pretty much look the same, although this new one is definitely bigger than the one it replaced and even had a fairly large grocery section.

Also spent the afternoon replacing the door summer screens to the house with the solid glass panes because the weather is turning cooler and cooler now. Should keep the heat in a little better as well. Oh, and my lens cap finally arrived today to replace the one I lost in the fields of Long Valley, NJ last week.