Beacon Hill

Classic Boston

Here’s a shot down some alley I found a while back in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood – pretty swank. Beacon Hill is predominantly residential, known for old colonial brick row houses with “beautiful doors, decorative iron work, brick sidewalks, narrow streets, and gas lamps”. As the name implies, it is a hill, so if you’re going to walk it prepare to walk up and down some steep hills in places.

Been another low key couple of days – just getting ready for the turkey day and all. In fact, we went to the grocery store last night and it was pretty busy, but we got most of the things that will be needed. Got caught up on a lot of the shows we like to watch – a bunch of them are going on fall hiatus (inane) so there’s that. Million Little Things – drama so over the top it’s ridiculous, SVU – actually pretty good this season I think compared to the last few, the usual Datelines and 2020. I’ve tried watching a couple episodes of Watchmen on HBO but it strikes me as really strange. Maybe I missed it but it seems like it only tangentially touches on the graphic novel that started it all, taking place 34 years after the events of the DC limited series within the same alternate reality. Not what I was expecting.

Anyways, back to Thanksgiving, we’re just going to be having my mom over and maybe my sister if she’s around. My sister’s never really been much family oriented, so she might be out with her latest flavor of the week. Same story over and over, different day. We’ll see – she’s invited anyway.

We’re starting to get the itch to get a new felines, to replace the ones who have left us for the rainbow bridge. LD’s been looking at one particular cat who has cardiomyopathy, as a kindred spirit perhaps and deserving of love just the same. That might be kind of tough though, we’ll see.

Update: We put the tree up already! While putting it up we discovered that very few of the lights worked so we had to make trip down to home depot to get some new ones, but now it looks great! I think this is the earliest we’ve ever put up the tree, but what better time than the present?