Basketball Diaries

Since 1811.

Watching the 4th grade girl’s basketball game yesterday afternoon was kinda fun. The Celtics they aren’t – far as I could tell they don’t really play positions and they never really seem to look at the basket before shooting. Also the rules seemed a little different. I’m kidding of course, naturally it’s not the pros, but there were some kids there that were really good. It also helps that the team of the child we came to watch won! (Just really needs to practice on her dribbling – too many travelling calls). Oh yeah, that’s the other thing – this one referee was calling EVERYTHING. He could have let some of them go – I was amazed he even called a 3-second violation! Do they really have that rule at this level?

Hadn’t been to high school gym in decades – forgot about those bleachers. But overall, it was fun!