Museum Beach

Canoes along Museum Beach, Scituate, MA

Scituate Light is in the center background of this shot. I was experimenting a little bit with this. Not totally happy with how it came out but I guess it’s not too shabby. Anyway, the location is called Museum Beach, it’s not all that large and right off the main road with no parking but it does provide a nice look at the lighthouse and residential properties across the bay. You can read how the place got it’s name here if interested. (I always like to find out why things are named the way they are or how certain things came to be known).

It was nice to look outside and see that some green leaves are starting to come up through the ground of last year’s dead detritus. Things like daffodils and crocus leaves are starting their climb – a harbinger of the thoughts of spring to come not too far away now. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to stay hopeful but it’s tough. Yep, still bumming out a bit and that’s why I’ve been radio silent lately – just didn’t have the interest to update anything about my mopey self. Well, it is what is and what will be, will be. I’ve never really been in the position that I’m in these days – I’m just not all that happy these days at work, but feel trapped and have to try to remain in it for the good of it all. I wish I could just be happy and worry free again. I know the good Lord will see me through someway, but I hate feeling the way I do and having to try to do the things I have to. Not good for my mental health for sure.

Going to see a friend’s child perform at a sporting event later this afternoon – should be fun. Honestly, I’ve never been to any kids sporting event viewings before – never had the need or interest. Something different anyway. I’ll update later on what it was all about.