Missing My Vitamin Sea

Watching the scene along the Newport coast

The story behind the photo: Not sure if I ever posted this one before since I refreshed the site but if I did, well here it is again. I’m having to plumb my archives for some content since I haven’t been going out much these days as we all need to lay low to flatten the curve. Let me see if I can remember how this one came about. One afternoon we were just driving around Newport RI one day and we stopped into the Ocean Cliff Hotel but you could go in and eat even if you weren’t staying there. I remember it not being very bust this particular day – seemed like there might have been some big family event going on later on, like maybe a wedding or something. I vaguely recall this place had something of a safari motif which I thought was a little weird, in fact, I believe it may have been called the Safari Room actually. Anyways, they had an open deck area out back and that’s where this shot was taken. I knew I definitely wanted to have a sailboat in the background of this shot and I also thought the black chairs looked kind of cool but other than that this was literally a quick snap from the cellphone. I also thought the cotton candy clouds were a nice touch as well. I believe the day had the threat of rain but other than some drizzles here and there I believe it was mostly partly cloudy. Unlike today, which actually did start raining and had to cut short our noontime walk around the block, but hey, April showers bring May flowers! Which reminds me, I really need to start planting some things.

Some random thoughts: Since I’ve got my Versa 2 activity tracker I’ve walked over 588k steps. I’m going to draw Carson – do a little art therapy with myself. Maybe I can finish some reading, I’ve been slacking on that lately. I may update this post later with more so check back. Tonight’s movie watch is Serpico!