Top of the Hill

Top of the hill in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Another one from the archives. This is a really beautiful place at that sits at the top of a hill and looks down into the bay below. Everyday I try to set a schedule and try to accomplish 2 or 3 things for the day, otherwise I end up in a sort of funk for the day.

Hello Deer

Young does frolic in the woodlands of Maine.

The story behind the photo: Just tooling around various parts of Maine a couple of years ago and must have went down some forestry lanes and somehow or other these two were just moseying along. The day this was taken was probably one of the best I ever had in life as I saw them, various water views, greatest puffin shots I ever took, and a cool lighthouse visit with amorous skunks.

As for me right now I’m going through my budget items and trying to figure out how I’m going to get through the year ahead. I’m finding it a little bit stressful at the moment, but I just have to take things one at a time and remember to breathe.

Somerville Tulips

Somerville Tulips

I took a visit over to Earth-1 today to take care of some personal business, just trying to get some of my accounts in order. While there I happened to notice these cool looking tulips growing on the side of the house so I snapped it. I always liked tulips – they’re pretty cool looking, but they seem to come and go so fast.


Buildings sit on stilts on the shore of the Kennebunk River.

The water is always deeper than what it reflects.

Really starting to get tired of this pandemic crap. Meanwhile the next door neighbor is banging away on his home made patio project that he’s been working on since spring of last year. But I’m going to be in a good mood today! Did spend part of the day planting various plants and flowers with some more to do tomorrow including tubers. Got my severance check and new debit card (still trying to get some money on that from the UI dept. – looks to be a bit of a pain). And some of our friends swung by and visited for a quick socially distanced visit!