The Storm

Spring Lake, August 2019. Available for purchase for a limited time.

Put together a desk and office chair today – that kept me busy for a little while. My windshield got replaced the other day – looks good. Got a dentist appointment coming up in a couple of weeks – I asked and they have a bunch of procedures in place including temperature checks and contract tracing so that should be interesting. Tonight’s movie watch was Winter’s Bone starring Jennifer Lawrence – not a bad movie but not the most uplifting movie for sure.

The story behind the photo: This is from last summer in a little town known as Spring Lake that rests along the Jersey Shore. It’s a nice little burg of which you can read all about here but anyways as we arrived for a stay this monster storm was coming in, Thankfully it ended up mostly going out to sea but we were able to get this amazing picture of the clouds rolling in.

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